Monday, November 23, 2009


Summer: Mom can I have another doughnut?

Me: I already said no Summer.

Summer: Please??? I want another doughnut.

Me: No.

Summer: I want another doughnut. (yelling in her mad voice)

Me: No.

Summer: Mom you should go to bed. Just go to bed mom. You're tired. (in her nice voice as she is on a stool staring at the doughnuts)

Summer: Mom go to bed.

Summer: Mom just go to bed. Your tired. (very mad voice)

I love that she is so smart and tried to trick me into going to bed just so she could sneak a doughnut. I was trying so hard not to burst out laughing the whole time. And I hate to admit it but, I gave her the doughnut. Persistent little girl.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


We had a great time for Halloween. Our goal was to get over the sickness that was taking over our house by Halloween and we did it. Everyone was well enough to go. Here's some pictures from the night.

These two loved getting dressed up like princesses. About an hour before we left for trick or treating Skylie announced that she hated her witch costume and we couldn't get her to wear it. We went downtown and found this princess dress and she was much happier. They both thought they were the prettiest girls in the world. And anyone that knows Skylie, knows she was all over all the makeup she got to wear.

My Little Artist....

All Skylie does these days is draw and color. And I'm obsessed with her pictures. I love them. I love how when all my kids have started drawing pictures with people, they all look the same as this. The long bodies, the big eyes.

The other day Sklie drew a ton of pictures and hung them all over my bedroom and down the hallway. My favorite is this one she hung over my bed. I love the rainbow dress.

Happy B-day...

This last week Summer had her 3rd birthday. I'm glad that she was young enough to not realize that is was kind of a lame b-day. I was really sick and so were a few others in the family, so I really didn't have the energy to do anything fun. But she didn't care. All she wanted was a pink birthday cake and she was fine.

The morning of her b-day she found these strings I have for scrapbooking and I gave them to her for a present. She was so excited and had fun laying them all out all over the floor. At that age it doesn't take much to make them happy.

Steve showed up at home with some balloons for her which also made her day. I think they were played with almost every minute of that whole day. Luckily he got two of them so Skylie could play with one too.

Trudy made Summer the cake since I wasn't feeling up to making one and my Mom brought by the dairy queen cake. It was so good.

Here's a few facts about Summer:
1. She is obsessed with my mom. She always wants to go to Grandma's house and will not give up easily. My mom will sometimes not come by just to avoid the tears that are always shed when she has to leave.
2. She does everything that Skylie does. They are always playing together and she is always repeating everything she says.
3. Loves playing ponies and barbies.
4. She wakes up almost every night. Not sure why. Lots of times just to get her to leave me alone I push the couches together and let her sleep there.
5. She is the last to go to bed at night and always the first one up, bright and early at 7:00 usually.
6. When she gets up she demands breakfast and will not stop bugging until I get it for her. If you ignore her and try to go back to sleep she will yell at me and tell me to talk to her.
7. She has the prettiest hair.
8. She could eat breakfast for every meal. Especially likes oatmeal.
9. She always wants to have a friend over. Usually it's Marlie. Too bad she lives 4 hours away.
10. Very strong willed.
11. She asks me about 5 times a day to make brownies for her.
12. She loves going to Sarra's house to play with Jacob.
13. Loves having books read to her.
14. When she is happy she is really happy, when she's mad she's really mad. Not very often in the middle.
15. She was a little disappointed to find out she couldn't start going to school once she turned 3.
16. She doesn't like being left behind. If I'm driving the kids to school she wants to come, if I'm going to the store she wants to come. And to avoid the tantrums, I usually just let her come.
17. Loves helping me make stuff in the kitchen. Stirring things, dumping in ingredients, whatever.
18. Loves riding her bike.
We sure love this little girl. Happy 3rd B-day!!!!

Quick Roadtrip....

So a couple of weeks ago we decided to make a quick, spur of the moment trip to Utah. Our cousins their decided to throw Leslie a baby shower and my Mom, Brette and I decided we just couldn't miss out on the fun. So we went. And Leslie had no idea we were coming, which made it even funner.(is funner a word??) Haylie and Micah really wanted to come and so after a few little lectures about how they weren't aloud to talk, be annoying, climb on people, and had to sit in the very back, I decided to let them come. So Friday morning we all piled into the burb and were off!

Well here we are at the airport. Leslie and Mike are living in Laramie right now while Mike is going to school so Leslie flew to Utah for the weekend. She was expecting Melissa to pick her up and you can tell from the pictures she was a little surprised to see us!!


Here's some random pics at the airport while we were killing time waiting.

This is a picture of us lost at the airport. Well actually in the parking lot of the airport. We were parked in the furthest parking lot from the airport. It was quite a long walk. So after we picked up Leslie and started our journey back to the car, we saw a sign that was for a shuttle bus taking us to the parking lot we were parked in. We gladly jumped on and were so excited about not having to walk back. That is until we got off at the wrong place. Anyways we eventually made it back to the car, we just waited at this sign and eventually got picked up again by the shuttle bus.

Saturday we crammed it all in. We managed to get ready, get a tire change on the suburban, do a little shopping, made it to the shower just in time, do some more shopping, have fun with the cousins, and of course eat. And Haylie and Micah had the time of their lives because Emilys girls happened to be going to Lagoon for the day so they got to go with them. They had a blast!!

Here are all the cousins at the baby shower. It was so fun getting together for the day.

Here's the cute pregnant girl!! (les don't kill me for putting this picture on) We love the heart on your stomach pose. haha.

Emily is such an awesome hostess, she had the shower at her place and let us all crash their for the weekend. It was fun getting to spend some time with her.

And here is just a few little fun things that we learned on our trip...

1. Sometimes you don't even need to hear the sound to enjoy a movie.
2. There is NOT a temple in Butte.
3. Cheese actually tastes good in a can.
4. The odometer on the gps is more accurate than the one in the burb.
5. That an airport is almost just as fun as Lagoon. And a lot cheaper.
6. You can never eat at Wingers too many times.
7. That Margaret isn't always right, and can be a little annoying at times.
8. That it is worth the drive to Utah, even if your only there for one day.
9. You should never pull the rope on a shuttle bus that alarms the driver to stop, especially if it's not your stop.