Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Like Father, Like Son......

So the other day I was babysitting a little boy around Kash's age and I was watching the two of them play. It was so cute watching them. The one little boy's Dad is really into trucks and that is all that this little boy cared about. He was loving all the cars and trucks and played with them the whole time he was here. Then there was Kash. All he cared about were the dirtbikes. Wonder where he gets that from. Anyways, it was fun observing that at such a young age these little guys just know what they are supposed to like, cause it's what their Dad's like.

I know this picture is kind of fuzzy, but this is what Kash does. All day long. He even sleeps with his bike. Or "bi" as he says.

And I'll tell you one person that couldn't be happier about Kash's obsesion with dirtbikes. Steve. He is loving every second of it. He will take him for little rides around the yard anytime Kash wants one. He even took it up to the church parking lot when I was gone and took him on rides all around the parking lot.

Since it seems like I'm always putting up pictures of Kash, here's one of everyone else. This is the Daddy daughter date night. Steve took the girls to the movies one night. The girls were so excited and they had a fun time.

And I accidently uploaded this picture but I guess I needed one of Briggs anyways. He loves doing tricks on his skateboard. He loves it even more when I will sit and watch him, ooh and ahh a bit, and take pictures of him.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Happy Mothers Day....

I love all the fun things that I get on Mother's Day from my kids. Briggs has been busy all week at school making tons of cute things like cards, a necklace, and pictures. I got cards and pictures from everyone else. Skylie's is the bottom one in this picture. I love when they start writing letters. I think it's so cute. The top one is from Summer.

So when Summer gave it to me she told me what it said on it....

Summer: (pointing to the love summer part) Mom this says I get to go trick or treating after my birthday.

Me: "oh that's nice Summer."

Summer: (pointing to the to mom) "and this says I love your mom (she's really into calling my parents your mom or your dad, not grandma and grandpa).....and I love Dad......and I love Kenny."

By this point I'm thinking well surely the Happy Mother's Day must say something about me......but nope. She goes on to tell me that the rest is about Skylie, and how she really really wants a kitten for her birthday, and all sorts of other things. haha. I love her.

At least it's a cute mouse......

So this is what I busted Kash doing the other day.....

Made the mistake of leaving the cheese on the counter within his reach.....

I don't know what it is with my kids and cheese. But they love it. When Skylie was little she was always into the cheese. If she woke up in the morning before I did and needed a little snack before breakfast she would just grab the whole block of cheese and start munching on it. One time I knew that I had a huge chunk of cheese left in the fridge but couldn't find it anywhere. A couple of weeks later I found it in the basement under the stairs. Good old Skylie.

Looks like Kash is following in her footsteps. This is what it looked like after his little snack......

Monday, May 3, 2010

Laramie part two.....

On our way to Denver we took a little detour threw this cool canyon. It was so pretty and worth the drive, well except for me getting a little car sick-but that really doesn't take much. It reminded me a lot of Logans Pass except you don't have a huge cliff on one side that your worried about going over.

We all loved it except Jake. This is him hating his life. But he's still cute.

Brette making the moves on her new man. haha.

Anyways it was really pretty. Took a bunch of pictures but they don't really do it justice.

These pictures are kind of out of order but whatever. The first day we were there was one of my favorites. We went to Martins Cove and Independence Rock. So we were on our way to Martins Cove and in the distance we saw this huge rock in the middle of no where. We thought it looked so cool and as we got closer we realized that it was Independence Rock. I don't know what I thought it would look like, but it definitely was not like this. It was humongous! When we got there, there was a sign saying feel free to climb it so we did.

It was so big and we took the most awkward way possible to get up. I don't know if you can tell from the picture but it was almost straight up. This was taken from maybe half way up.

At the top there was tons of people that had carved there name in the rock. This one was from 1858! I wish we would of had longer to look around up there but there was a terrible storm coming in and we barely made it down before it hit full force. We were drenched by the time we made it back to the car.

Here we are on the top!!

So here's some picture's from Martin's Cove. I love reading about the pioneers and have read a couple books on the Willie and Martin handcart companies. It was so cool being here and seeing where things took place and feeling the strong spirit that was here. This is the sweetwater river. It was the most windy river I have ever seen. Any idea how many time's the pioneers had to cross this??

This is one of the four statues that represented the valley boys that came and carried many of the people across the river.

Here we all are squished into the rhino that took us on our tour of Martins Cove.

We loved our tour guide. He definitely knew his stuff and loved telling us all the stories he knew.

This is the actual cove that the pioneers stayed in to protect them from the weather while they waited for help. (once again, the picture really doesn't do it justice) It was a windy day when we were there and when we got down into this spot we really were protected by the wind. You are surrounded by a huge rock wall on one side and a huge hill on the other. It was such a neat experience going and seeing this and I'm so glad that we did it.

Just a cute picture of my Dad and Jake. Jake is such a cute little thing and it was so fun not having my kids hanging off me so that I could actually sit and hold and enjoy him.

We were gone for a week and for some reason I only took pictures the first 3 days and after that I didn't take a single one. So that's about it for pictures. We did a lot of shopping which was really fun. We stayed over just outside of Denver one night and did some major shopping at some amazing outlets there. Other than that we mostly just hung out and had fun. It was a great trip but I don't know if Steve wants me to go again for that long anytime soon. I think he definitely got a taste of what it's like to be the mom!! He did a great job though and had everything under control when I got home. House clean and even the laundry caught up.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Laramie part one.....

It was brought to my attention that I didn't blog once in April. Oops... The weird thing about that is, is that we actually did some fun stuff that would be worth blogging about. It seems like I only blog about random things like diaper rash cream and coloring on dressers and then when we actually do something fun I don't blog about it. Anyways. What I'm saying is I have a lot of catching up to do. So this is my most recent adventure. My Mom and Brette have been planning for months to go and visit Leslie in Laramie, Wyoming. I wasn't going to go because it's so much work trying to make arrangements for my kids and all that, but then at the last minute decided that I didn't want to miss out on the fun and went. My Dad didn't want to miss out either and ended up coming at the last minute too, then drove a truck home he bought in Utah.

So here are a few highlights from the trip.....

-on our way we saw a sign that said something about the battle of little big horn and colonel custer. This really peaked my Dads interest and we ended up pulling over at the museum, which ended up being the wrong place. Anyways we found the right place but it was closed. It was fun being in no hurry and stopping along the way. We also stopped at a lookout point in Billings, which is actually a really cool looking city.

-finally getting to see the wonderful city of Laramie! (Les you weren't exaggerating haha)

-All the pranks that my Dad pulled on us involving a couple prank phone calls that I fell for both times and the first morning he got up early and threw a bunch of rocks at our window. Brette and I had no idea what the noise was until he confessed at breakfast. We looked later and sure enough there were a bunch of rocks on our balcony. Oh and I can't forget the pizza box.

-All the good laughs we had about the gst, the pizza box, what our personalized license plate would say, delicious looking butter, getting lost, and absolutely nothing!

-Lots of shopping!!!!!

-Going to Martins Cove and Independence Rock. More about that later.

-Hanging out in hotel rooms watching TLC.

-playing games at Leslies house.

-All the amazing meals that Leslie made for us.

There was seriously so much antelope along the way. Here's a little fact, they say that there are more antelope than people in Wyoming, and I believe it. I loved taking this picture cause it reminded me of what I think of tourists that go to Waterton and take pictures of deer. But I just had to take it, and we were all a little excited too.

My Dad was getting mad cause we all had camera's and were not taking near enough pictures of all the scenery. He finally took my camera and got the job done himself. This rock wall was cool looking. We were driving on a path in the rhino and were surrounded by this huge wall of rock forever. The pictures don't do it justice.

And here is Devil's Gate. I thought this was so cool. I love seeing things that you hear about so much. Love having the visual. I would of loved to walk over to it but it's probably a good thing we didn't cause there was a huge storm brewing.

A lot of the scenery on the drive was really boring. But we some of it was really cool. We couldn't get over how much we felt like we were in a western movie or something from this rock.

Well I'll do another post later about the trip. Stay tuned......