Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I need a Maid....

So it has been a while. I actually started a post but never finished it the other day. I will eventually finish it but not today. Just had to write out something funny Briggs said tonight. I don't know why I'm posting it cause it was definitely making fun of me, but we all know kids exaggerate, right??!!

So Steve and I were talking about a house in our area that he heard was going to possibly be condemned.

Briggs: What does condemned mean Dad?

Steve: It's when a house is really gross and dirty and the people aren't aloud to live there anymore.

Briggs: Oh. Kind of like our house?

Umm, rude! Me and Steve couldn't stop laughing about this one. And it didn't make me feel any better that Briggs noticed that under the table was a little messy and he told me that we should just buy a new table.

Just in my defense, my house may be a little cluttered at times but I wouldn't call it gross and dirty. At least not all the time. And the sad thing is is that I worked all day yesterday and my whole house was actually clean when Briggs said that.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Now that's a lot of laundry. Lot's of people ask me what laundry is like with 6 kids, well hears a little glimpse.....

Luckily I got this all folded and I even put it all away. I even put the laundry from last week away too. No more digging threw laundry basket's and this mound for me. Unfortunately for Sarra, she showed up just at the perfect time to help me fold a good 3/4 of it. Now I just need to go buy some laundry soap so I can finish washing the other at least 6 loads that are slowing building up.

On St. Patricks Day my mom showed up with a yummy treat for the kids..

fluorescent green bread. Look how bright that is. The kids were a little unsure at first but within about 10 minutes the whole loaf was gone.

Birthday girl...

So I don't normaly do posts about myself, and I certainly don't like putting up pictures of myself either, but I'd like to hope that one day my kids will be somewhat interested in me and what I looked like at the "young" age of 32! So here are some highlights of my 32nd birthday!

To start with, not one kid woke up during the night which hasn't happened forever! My sweet little mellow Kash has developed quite an obnoxious cry that wakes Skylie and Summer up every night. It usually takes everyone a while to fall back asleep, Summer always ends up coming into our room, Skylie will wander and turn on every light in the house and go watch t.v. or play barbies. I know I'm completly off topic here so to make a long story short, I had a good nights rest.

And the next highlight was Steve let me sleep in. He got all the kids breakfast, made lunches for the kids, attempted to do hair, signed planners for school and then drove kids to school.

The kids all made me really cute cards and pictures. Haylie made me a list of 32 reasons why she loves me. Here are some of my favorites..
1.You take good care of me.
2.You let me stay up late on Fridays.
3. You laugh at our jokes even if they aren't funny.
4. You do my hair nice.
And then towards the end you could tell she was getting desperate and she wrote, You are never annoying.

And Micah made me the cutest card with a pop up flower and a poem that said," You are a tall beuttyful flower, and we're your little seed." How sweet is that????

Then I got to go to lunch with my Grandma which was fun. She is such a neat lady that I really admire and love. I am so lucky to get to have gotten to grow up next door to her and now to live in the same town as her.

All day long everyone got along with each other. My house was clean cause I slaved away on it the day before. I got everyone bathed and dressed and hair done first thing in the morning. And no one even changed their outfit until 4:00 which was a record.

Steve came home with a blizzard dairy queen cake which was amazing!!

I got to talk to lot's of friends and family. And Sarra even made a list of 32 reason's why she thinks I'm cool.

And to my surprise, I woke up with no new wrinkles, no new grey hairs, and I didn't feel older or look older. Thank goodness!!

Here I am with just 4 of my kids. Kash is being ignored in his highchair and Summer didn't have a nap so she went to bed at 6:00. (Just another highlight of my day.)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stairs and Conversations...

So this is Kash's favorite place lately. The stairs. I hate putting up a gate cause it such a pain, so I don't. He hasn't fallen all the way down yet. Just a few stairs a couple of times. Obviously not enough to scare him though cause he just keeps going back. If he only knew that just within a few feet of him was the biggest jackpot of cheerios scattered throughout the kitchen. That would surely distract him from those boring stairs. He is sure getting around now. At least we have worry wort Briggs constantly on guard of the stairs.

I am loving the things that come out of Skylie's mouth lately. I just think 3 is a really cute age. Just humor me here cause I know it's always cuter and funnier when it is your own kid and you know their personalities better, but here are some funny conversations lately.

Tonight when I was putting her to bed she said,"I know a really tricky trick, how about I sleep in Summer's bed?" (tricky alright)

And then yesterday Steve was making chocolate syrup for the kids waffles and she said, "Mom I don't want that on my waffle. That is poisonous for little girls." Don't know many kids that wouldn't want chocolate syrup but whatever.

And my favorite thing about her is when she talks in her "princess voice". It's whenever she is playing house or barbies and it is so funny. The other night I was putting everyone in bed and she was off in her own little world talking in her princess voice, pretending she was the mom. Anyways I told her it was time to go to bed and she looks at me like I had just said the most ridiculous thing ever and here's our conversation...

Skylie: But I'm the mom. Mom's don't go to bed.

Me: Oh, well what do they do?

Skylie: They just stay up all night.

Me: Oh and what do they do all night?

Skylie: Um, watch bad movies.

Umm don't know where that came from. I did have a good laugh over that. Keep in mind that I could be watching conference and Skylie would think it was a bad movie cause it's not a cartoon.

Anyways we just love this girl. She has such a fun personality and there is never a dull moment when she is around.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Questions I don't know the answers to.....

Why does Summer call the zipper on her coat a seatbelt? Every time she wants her coat zipped up all I hear is "do seatbelt". I have no idea where she got this from. It is kind of funny though.

Why do I have so many grey hairs already? I know I'm into my "thirties" now but honestly!! And to make matters way worse you know the blasted baby hairs that come in after you have a baby??? The ones that stick up everywhere and don't hold hair dye well at all??? Well those are coming in grey. GRRRR! What am I supposed to do about those?

Why does Kash insist on sucking his thumb in between EVERY bite of food?

Not only does this make the feeding process a lot longer but it also makes a big mess.

At least someone thinks it's funny!!
Why is it so hard to lose that "last 10 pounds"??

Where do all the shoes disappear to at my house? Well not all of them. Usually it's just one per pair. It is not uncommon at all for my kids to wear mismatched shoes cause we can't find the match.
When is spring ever going to come?

Here is poor little Briggs out shoveling the driveway. It was so cold I didn't even want to open the door to take the picture.

Why was Kash so cranky last night? Oh wait I know the answer to this one. He got his first tooth!! And it is as cute as ever.


The future....

Mr. and Mrs. Kash Holland

My friend Dana took these pictures and lots of others. If I knew how to do that link thing I would give you a link to her website. But I don't. Check out her blog at photographydana.blogspot. We could not stop laughing at these two little babes. Here is a couple of other ones for fun.

Kash had his tongue out in about 90% of the pictures. Does this remind any of you Gibbs of anyone???

Friday, March 6, 2009

Never a Dull Moment.....

So here you have it. My before and afters of my storage room. My mom was not kidding when she said we would be working really hard! So here's the before, and I actually had done some rearranging before this pic....

And the after taken from the same view...

And another one for fun....

I honestly feel like the biggest burden has been lifted off my shoulders now that this is done. THANK YOU MOM!!!! I honestly could not have done it without her. Now I just need to get those shelves filled!!!

So in the middle of all our organizing I had to bring poor Haylie to the hospital....

Yup a broken arm! On Tuesday she feel off the bars at gymnastics. She was going from the high bar to the next one and her hand slipped and she landed on her arm. So I went and picked her up. I hate not knowing if you should bring them in to the hospital or not. Steve and I decided just to wait a bit and see how she was feeling later. We could tell it really hurt but didn't think it was broke. Then Steve happened to be talking to his friend who is a Dr. and casually mentioned it, he came over and took a look and figured it was probably just a sprain and to put a tensor on it. So here's our conversation the next morning. It really shows our amazing parenting skills...

Haylie: Dad are you going to tensor my arm??

Steve: No, it'll be fine Haylie

Haylie: I really think I need one. The Dr. even said.

Steve: Haylie the best thing you could do right now is stretch it out, get it moving. You don't want it to get all stiff in the tensor.

Haylie: But it really hurts when I move it...

Steve: Don't worry the more you move it around the faster it will get better.

Haylie: Ummm okay.

(And everything Steve is saying I am in full agreeance)

So off she goes to school. Calls me a few times from school to say it hurts but doesn't want to come home.

So Steve casually mentions to his friend that her arm is still bugging her. He says we better get it x-rayed just in case. So off she goes to the x-ray and sure enough, it's broke. The poor girl!! We felt so bad. She was a little disappointed not to get a hard cast cause she wanted all her friends to be able to sign in. But the one she got she can take off after a week for baths which will be really nice. She has to have it on for 4 weeks. So that means no more basketball and she can't finish her gymnastics. Oh well. It's the end of the season for both.

Well amidst all more organizing my house has COMPLETELY gotten out of control. When my house gets this bad I honestly just give up. I should be cleaning now but nope, I have spent a good hour already on the computer. I need some motivation desperately.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A random update..

So I told myself if I was going to start a blog that I had to keep it updated at least once a week. Well it's been exactly a week now so here it goes. Just some random things that we have been up to in no particular order.

So lately I have really been wanting to get going on my food storage. I do have some food, but it would mostly consist of eating flour cakes with peanut butter and honey, and rice and tomato soup on the side. So I decided to head into the city and stock up on some stuff that was on sale. Here's the loot....

And yes this was almost a week ago and it is still sitting in my living room in my basement. It has given hours of entertainment for my kids though. There has been many towers built and lots of climbing in the last few days. My problem is that my storage room is so unorganized I just don't know where to put all this stuff. So my wonderful mom is coming in tomorrow to help me and she informed me we are going to be working very hard. I'll have to post some before and after picture's cause it's going to be drastic.

Don't let this cute little innocent face fool you. He has been up to no good.

He has been learning all sorts of new tricks......

Like crawling!!! You probably think that I am excited by this. It is actually the exact opposite. Not because I now need to worry about keeping all the little polly stuff out of reach, or keeping my floors vacuumed all the time cause he always seems to find all the little crumbs and papers and everything else on the floor. Nope that has nothing to do with it. It honestly just breaks my heart that he is growing up. He needs to stay a baby forever and crawling is just one of the first steps he is taking to not be a baby forever. With all my babies I have just always known that we would have another one and I would get to experience all the fun things that come with having a baby again, but now that I know he is our last baby I am just a little stressed that I will never have it again. I don't know if that makes sense. I can't really express exactly what I am feeling but I just know I don't like it. Anyone that knows me knows that I don't like change and I guess that I just like the phase of life that I am in right now and I don't want it to change. If someone could just figure out a way to freeze time that would be great. Thanks.

And speaking of getting organized guess what I did today..

I know it seems a little ambitious, especially considering I will be organizing all day tomorrow, but I organized my pantry. I can actually close the door now, and I no longer have to step on spilt puff wheat or dig threw pure chaos to find things. It literally took me all day. In between making and burning homemade granola, changing diapers, rescuing Summer who was literally stuck in the mud, then bathing Skylie and Summer again cause they were all muddy, running a couple errands, and feeding kids I got it done. And I am pretty proud of myself. My favorite thing in the pantry is the lone box of macaroni on the bottom. Looks like I need to stock up.

Well there is the update. That's all for now!!!