Sunday, February 6, 2011

Haylie is 11!

I can't believe that Haylie is 11! Crazy! For her birthday we really didn't do a whole lot. Every year I always try and have a party for her but since it is right in the middle of Christmas holidays no one is ever around. So this year I decided I just couldn't do it. We were out at my parents house on her birthday and I did try and make it fun for her. But it was pretty low key.

For her birthday she got slippers, a shirt and a scentsy warmer.

Luckily Shannon and her family got there that day to add a little excitement to Haylie's day. They conveniently got there just in time for ice cream cake. I love the cake that Steve picked out for her. It is so Haylie.

11 facts about Haylie:
1. She always does her own hair and has for a while now. She loves trying new things with it which takes a while some mornings. Seems like we are always waiting for her to finish her hair.
2. Loves babysitting and has been asked a few times to babysit for others.
3. She loves sitting and talking with me. And always as lots of questions for me. Which I love. I hope that as she gets older that she will still do this.
4. Loves anything with a peace sign.
5. She auditioned for the play Willy Wonka and got in. She could not be happier.
6. She just had her first basketball game and loved it.
7. Has an obsession of buying ear rings. The crazier and weirder, the better.
8. Would eat fries and gravy and chicken fingers every meal if I let her.
9. Loves hanging out with her friends. Every Friday is a friend day.
10. Loves gymnastics and tumbling.
11. Is such a fun, friendly girl.
I was looking threw pictures and found these from when we were out at my parents. The kids wanted to go outside but it was really windy and blowing snow all over. So Matt put goggles on the kids and we sent them out.

After all the work of getting them bundled and these goggles on I thought they would last maybe 4 minutes out in that freezing wind. But the goggles must of really worked cause they lasted at least 30 minutes. I don't know why I get the giggles every time I look at these pictures. They just look so cute and funny walking around with those goggles covering their faces.

I also get the giggles thinking of Brette and Leslie working hard on their ransom notes to the girls.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Beads. Everywhere.

It's a good thing that I'm not a very busy Mom. And that my house is so clean that I'm always looking for extra jobs to do. Otherwise it would have been really annoying cleaning up all these beads. There were plenty more other than here, they were scattered all over my basement and in my laundry room too. It's been kind of fun finding more and more everyday. You know, just gives me something to do.

This could of been a huge disaster. Luckily it wasn't too bad.

And luckily he decided to clean it up himself.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Biggest party of the year!

New Years Eve this year we went out to my parents to party. Now that the kids are getting older we let them stay up and have fun with us. Here's some of the highlights of the night. Here is most of us. Not sure why my Mom and Dad and husbands aren't in it.

Started off the night with some good food. I love that the kids are scattered all over the floor eating. Only a couple pop spills which was pretty good.

Us sisters usually see eye to eye on most things. The balloon drop, not so much. But once the smart one got involved we figured out how to do it. And I must say, it was the most exciting event of the night.

We played a few games. There were a few party poops but we won't mention any ones names. I only wish that I had gotten pictures of the dance party on the wii after. I'm pretty sure the boys are thankful for that, my Dad and Steve in particular.

We gave the kids the job of making noise makers. It kept them occupied for hours. Some of them got a little creative.

And you can't have a new years party without a pinyata. Luckily there were no casualties this year.

The after math. Beans and rice everywhere although they don't show up great in the picture. Balloons everywhere.

Thanks for having us Mom and Dad!!