Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Is it so bad that sometimes I get mad at Kash just so he'll make this face........

He doesn't cry, doesn't make a sound, just makes this funny face. And keeps this same expression until all of us are laughing. All it takes is to say "no Kash" or "stop" for this funny little face to appear. We have some great laughs over it.

Just some more random pictures.....

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Road Trip......

So I'm finally getting around to blogging about our little road trip that Steve and I went on. This is Joe and Karen's 3rd year in Indianapolis and we hadn't been to visit them yet, so we decided it was time to pay them a visit. We were going to fly, but then we found a holiday trailer that we decided to get that was only a few hours from them, so we decided to drive so we could bring it home.

I must admit I wasn't overly excited about the 26 hour drive, but Steve convinced me it would be fun and we would get to see a lot of nice scenery along the way. Well it was definitely long, but it wasn't too bad for the most part. Once you get threw Montana it was very pretty. Tons of trees, lots of farmhouses with cool old barns, lots of cornfields which were a topic of conversation many times, and lots of rivers. It was good to actually be able to talk to Steve without being interrupted by kids. And I had forgotten how fast you can stop for lunch, eat, go to the bathroom and get back on the road without kids slowing you down.

We got to Joe and Karen's Sunday night. We had a fun time with them. Steve and Joe got to play lots of golf which he loved. Karen and I got to do a lot of shopping which I loved. It was fun seeing where they live, meeting some of their friends, hearing funny stories about their crazy neighbors, seeing the sights of downtown Indianapolis, eating Karen's delicious home made ice cream, playing hide and seek with Mikey and Max, eating amazing Chinese food, playing rook, and just hanging out and chatting. For some reason I didn't take any pictures while we at their house so here is one I got off facebook of them. Wish it wasn't so small!!! Can't wait till they're done school and can move a little closer to home.

So on Thursday morning we woke up bright and early and left to go to Nauvoo and Carthage Jail. It wasn't exactly on the way, but when your driving for that long anyways what's a few hours?? This is somewhere I have always wanted to go so it was worth it to me. We were only in Nauvoo for about 6 hours. Could of been there a few days. But I did get to see most of the things that I wanted to see. There was such a neat spirit there. Especially at the temple.

They had a lot of different statues all over but I think this was my favorite one. Joseph and Hyrum on the last ride to the temple and looking over Nauvoo.

This was the gunsmith place which was right up Steve's alley. He loves it when I make him pose in front of things, especially when I make him point and act excited.

We also went on a couple of wagon rides which had someone narrating the whole time, one on the outskirts of Nauvoo and one in the town where we were able to see where everyone lived, and see different things like the bakery, brick place, school, shoe store, post office and lots of other things.
Another temple picture. We were tired of getting pictures by ourselves so we decided to use the timer on this one so we could actually be in one together.

There were flowers everywhere which were so pretty.

This is at Carthage Jail. From the moment you stepped out of your vehicle you could feel the strong spirit of this place. In front of the jail, the window which Joseph Smith fell from.

The room that they stayed in. After our tour was over the guide told me to go back in and get a picture without everyone in the room.

I know this last picture is really odd but Steve found an acorn and we both thought it was so cool. We have never actually seen an acorn before.

The next morning we went and picked up the trailer and headed home. On the way home I thought I would offer and drive for a bit since Steve was tired. I told him to nap for even an hour then he could drive again. I had never pulled a trailer before but I was pretty confident I could do it. It couldn't be that hard. So things started out really smoothly. Traffic started getting a little busy but I wasn't too worried. Then before I knew it I was trapped in Minneapolis during rush hour, 5 lanes of bumper to bumper traffic. And this lasted about an hour and a half. My hands honestly hurt after from gripping the steering wheel so tight. Steve was about having a nervous breakdown. It really sucked. But I know now that I am capable of driving pulling a trailer. The first chance I had to pull over I did and Steve took over.
We weren't planning on getting home until Sunday but we put in a really long day Friday and made it home Saturday. Everyone was surprised to see us and I think Jim and Trudy were a little relieved. They watched all 6 kids, with some help from Kristy,which I am so thankful for. I know it was a very long week for them and I'm glad they made it!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Haircut Gone Bad.......

Here are the culprits. Skylie and Summer. Skylie decided to cut Summer's hair and Summer cut Skylie's. Let's just say that Skylie did a much better job...

I was on the phone and these two were downstairs "playing". Skylie came up and proudly told me that Summer had cut her hair. I could see a few little snips in the front but it didn't seem to major. Nothing to freak out about. I thought I'd better get the scissors before anymore damage was done though.

Went downstairs and was not expecting to see this....

My first thought was where did all this hair come from?????
Then Skylie turned around......

This is what I would classify as a reverse mullet.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Summer's officially over......

Summer just isn't complete until we've done two things, gone to Waterton and Calaway park. There was only a week left of summer holidays and we hadn't done either things. So we crammed both into the last week.

Kristy and I packed up all the kids one day and went to Waterton. We didn't do much, just played at the amazing new park and rode bikes around, but that was all we needed. The kids had a blast and there is nothing that I like more.

Of course we had to go to Big Scoop, the "kids" really wanted to. Ok maybe I was just really craving rolo ice cream, which they were out of.

The cutest, happiest little Brayker..

Here's our cousin picture. Know one but Kristy and I will know how painful it was to get everyone just sitting together. I don't even care that hardly anyone is even looking or smiling, just a miracle that every one's there. Wish that Mikey and Max were there.

Two little cousins that surprisingly didn't get sick from the amount of popcorn twists they consumed. They were too busy eating to smile for the picture.

And for the Calaway Park trip Steve was able to get a couple days off work and come. So we went up Thursday morning, went on rides till the park closed and then headed to a hotel that had water slides that the kids played on all night. The kids had so much fun. Summer was literally one hair to short to go on a lot of the rides. There were a few meltdowns through out the day because of this. Besides that everyone had fun and got to go on all the rides they wanted. I still get a little sick thinking about the ride I went on with Haylie. It was called "Chaos", and that is the only word to describe it. I was honestly sick the whole rest of the day. I was really lame that day and didn't want to pack my camera around so I did not take one single picture. Looking back really would it of killed me?? Oh well. Here's the one and only picture I got of the day.....

Everyone in the car (except you can't see Micah but she is there) after Calaway.
So after Calaway we headed to our hotel which was almost just as fun a Calaway park. For those people considering have 6 children here's a warning. They will not let you book a hotel room if you have more than 7 people. Even if one is a small baby who takes up hardly and room. According to them we couldn't even fit in the deluxe family suite. It was quite annoying. So we had to book 2 rooms. And they didn't have any adjoining rooms left of course, so Steve stayed in one room with half the kids and I stayed with the other half. The kids had a blast swimming all night and all morning. We did a little shopping the next day and then headed home.

School Days.....

Summer is officially over I guess. I must admit, I wasn't overly excited about school starting again. I really don't mind the kids all being home. I love having no schedule. Love not having to wake up early in the morning. Love not making lunches every morning. Love having a built in babysitter. Love not having to stress out about friends and what my kids are doing at school.

But I must say, now that school has been going for almost 2 weeks, I AM LOVING IT! It's amazing how much you can get done with 3 less kids around and how much cleaner the house stays. They all have really good teachers and good classes and are having a fun year so far.

Better Late Than Never......

So Kash turned one on July 31st and yes I am finally blogging about his b-day. Can't believe he's one already!! I had to laugh at the difference in having your first baby turn one and your 6th baby turn one. With Haylie we had a big party, all of Steve's family and mine were there. It was a stress. With Kash we didn't plan one single thing. I'm thankful his Grandma Holland bought him a present otherwise he would not have gotten one. At about 3:00 that day I decided that I should make him a cake, maybe only cause I was kind of craving cake. Not that we loved Haylie more than Kash, but I guess you just realize that he has no idea what's going on anyways, and that simple is better. Anyways enough rambling.

We did have a fun day. We had hot dogs and chips for dinner and discovered that his favorite thing in the world is watermelon. Really could a kid be any happier......

The aftermath of the cake. I know he's a filthy mess but you just have to put a dirty-cake-face picture on don't you?? And I love how the elastic from his hat is cutting off the circulation in his poor chubby little neck.

The party animals. (Have I ever mentioned that Steve loves his picture taken?)

After dinner we all hopped on our bikes and went for a family bike ride. One of my favorite things to do. We went to the "castle" park which makes for a long bike ride for the little kids, but it was worth it. Kash had fun and so did everyone else.

Here's a few fun things about Kash.....

*He is the happiest baby
*Constantly is getting attention by someone
*He is always sucking his thumb to the point that it is annoying. My other kids were thumb suckers too, but he is by far the worst.
*The second he hears the door open he is there, ready to go outside.
*His favorite place is the garage where dirt bikes, tools, skateboards, and bikes are at his little fingertips.
*He loves following everyone around and loves just sitting and watching the constant chaos going on around him.
*His cheeks are so chubby that you can't help but kiss them all the time.
*When he wakes up he never cries, just hangs out in his crib till someone comes and finds him.
*Started walking at around 11 months.
*Has seven teeth now.
*Loves going for walks in the wagon.
*Always dragging a blanket around with him.
*Loves to eat pretty much anything.
*He never wears shoes.

Bear's Hump....

Last weekend we headed up to Waterton with the family, something we haven't done all summer yet. Me and the older kids wanted to hike Bears Hump so Steve gladly volunteered to stay back with the younger ones. I dropped them off at the park with bikes and a stroller and off we went. I haven't done this hike in a long time. My kids have a few times but it seems I'm always pregnant or something. All I have to say is it was harder than I remember. And I did not complain when they wanted to stop every 3 minutes and have their pictures taken.......

Briggs would of had his picture taken on every rock if I would of let him.

Briggs and Haylie were the speed walkers and made it up before Micah and I. It was nice going at her pace (or maybe she was going at mine) and being able to talk to her one on one.

Haylie is at the age where she likes to be a goof in every picture.

Well, here we are. Made it to the top. The view really is amazing. It was fun listening to the kids say the exact same things that I would think of and say when I was their age.

I must say that I was a nervous wreck while we were on the top and I'm not one to usually get overly nervous. If the kids ever got even a little close to the edge I would freak out. Just looking at the next picture makes me freak out a little.

It was a fun time. I would love to do it one more time before the snow comes but I doubt that will happen. After we got done we went and found Steve and the little kids. His parents were up there camping so he walked over and found them. We hung out there for a while, invaded in on their dinner, then went home. It was a beautiful day up there, not a breath of wind which you don't get very often.