Monday, January 31, 2011

15 things I've learned

Finally it's over. No more crutches. No more walking cast. And I hope I will never have to use any of these items again!!

So a few days after I broke my foot one of the first people I talked to at church asked me, "Well is there anything in your life that you need to learn right now?" I kind of laughed about it with her but for some reason the question has stuck with me over the last 7 weeks. I guess there is something we can learn from everything that happens to us in our life, whether it is something big or something little and silly like a broken bone. So here are some of the things that I learned...

1. That it really hurts your hands being on crutches. Worse than the break itself. Until my hands finally built up some calluses, I would cringe at the thought of grabbing on to them.

2. That it is okay to accept service. I'm one of those that likes helping people out but has a hard time accepting the help of others. This has really helped me get over that.

3. Being on crutches is a great conversation piece.

4. That I have awesome friends. One day I had a friend show up unannounced to clean first thing in the morning. My house was a dive because it was a Monday morning and we all know how that goes, except it was about 10 times worse than normal. Anyways, it didn't even seem to phase her, she just dug in and got it done. While I sat on the couch and watched helplessly. Oh and did I mention she was on her hands and knees scrubbing my kitchen floor including all the corners. I had lots of phone calls and help from other friends too which I appreciated so much.

5. It is really hard to carry a glass of hot chocolate while on crutches.

6. Sometimes you have to get really desperate with who you let vacuum your floors...

7. I learned once again that I can always count on my Mom and sisters to help me out when I need it. Leslie happened to be here almost the whole time I was injured and was a life savor to me. I know had Brette and Shannon been here they would of done the same. But Leslie would show up randomly every time she was in town and clean, switch laundry, vacuum my stairs, whatever I needed. I don't think she has any idea how much that meant to me. She even went with me to finish my Christmas shopping. She dropped me off at every door and then picked me up so I wouldn't fall on the ice with my crutches. She would pay for all my stuff so I could go sit down. Everyone else helped out tons with me and my kids while I stayed out at my parents.
8. Which brings me to my next thing I learned, don't ever go shopping on crutches. It will be way worse and more tiring than you think it will be!!!!

9. Steve and the kids are great helpers. I felt like I was always calling someones name (mostly poor Haylie) to come help me with something or to get me this or that. They really didn't complain too much about helping out way more than usual.

10. I learned first hand about tender mercies and that Heavenly Father truly does love me. I was having a really bad, frustrating day where I honestly didn't think I was going to be able to get threw the day without having some kind of breakdown. Anyways right at one of the lowest moments in my day comes a knock at my door. It was one of my friends with supper for me and my family. I found out later that she felt prompted to bring me supper that day and that she needed to bring it to me now. The timing of everything was so inspired and as silly as it sounds it made me feel that I was actually going to make it.

11. I learned it's kind of fun being pushed around where ever you want to go in Costco. While Leslie pushed the shopping cart around, Brette got to push me. Which she loved.

12. As fun as it is being pushed in a wheelchair, the motorized ones at Walmart are even more fun. Those things really cruise around and the chair is so comfy. If your at all injured, pregnant, whatever, I highly recommend it!

13. I learned that I need to do more deep cleaning in my house. Sarra came over one day to help me clean and vacuum. She was putting away some dishes and opened up one very disorganized cupboard. While she was standing on my counters organizing the cupboard she happened to look on top of my cupboards and was uphauled at what she found! I'll admit it, I don't wash on top of my cupboards, no one ever sees up there. Except Sarra. So after almost a whole bottle of Vim, she got it clean. Thanks Sarra!
14. I realize how much extra time I have on my hands now that I can't exercise. I do think it's important to excersise, and I really enjoy it, but I have to admit, I have been loving the break. It's been so nice to just hang out in the evenings with Steve instead of rushing off to the gym as soon as the kids are in bed.
15. I guess one of the main things that I learned is to be more aware of the people around me and the things that they are struggling with. All it takes is to be struggling around in the store or just trying to walk up the sidewalk to make you realize there are people that struggle with things like this every day. It has made me want to offer more help to others. It's made me so thankful for my health. So thankful to know that this is only a short, temporary thing. It's also really gotten me on a service kick. Being on the receiving end of service for a few weeks really has made me realize how much it means to know someone is thinking about you, or wants to help you. So it has taught me that I need to give more service.
Like I said before, I know that is was only a broken foot, it could of been way worse, but it did open my eyes to a lot of different things and it taught me a few very valuable lessons.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

This is starting to get a little old!

Okay, it's official. Skylie is just destined to be a hair dresser. No more getting mad at her when she cuts her hair. It must just be something she really can't control. It is really the only logical explanation.

She cut her hair three or four major times, and I know she is always snipping random pieces of hair off all the time. The other day she said a piece was bugging her so she just cut it off. I told her quite firmly that next time some hair is bugging her to tell me and I'll fix it. Well the very next day I walked into the bathroom and there she was again, cutting the back of her hair. She had gotten some gum stuck in it and took it upon herself, since she knows what she is doing by now, to just cut it out. I'm glad I walked in when I did because she obviously couldn't see where she was cutting and it could of gotten really ugly. I'm just worried at the rate she is going that she's not going to have any hair left.

Really though, what would you do??? It reminds me of Micah when she was little and was always drawing all over everything. It was almost like she couldn't control it, the creative juices were just overflowing. And now I look at her and understand why. She absolutely loves art and drawing. So maybe that is just Skylie's thing-doing hair! I just want her to wait until she is a little older until she starts experimenting!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

Figured this is only a month old and still not too late to blog about. We spent Christmas Eve this year out at my mom's house. I went out a few day's early so my mom could take care of me and the kids with my broken foot. It was fun and such a relief to not have to hobble all over my house by myself trying to take care of my kids.

So for Christmas Eve we had my Uncle John and Aunt Pattie and their family and Grandma and Grandpa over. It was fun for the kids to have other cousins their and fun for us too. So of course we started off with food. My mouth is watering looking at it! I seriously love appetizers.

The kids picnic

Then a surprise visit from Santa!! The kids were so excited. Especially after he threw a massive amount of candy all over the ground then left.

Next we had a little program which consisted of bell playing by the kids (love my mom's finger in the background pointing to who's turn it is), and my Dad with the accordion, some singing, and the nativity.

Cutest little shepherd!!

After the program we opened presents since we weren't going to be around the next day. A lot of crafty presents this year.

My Mom sewed the most adorable princess dresses for Skylie and Summer. They may not look thrilled in the picture but I can promise you they love them. I can't believe what a good job my mom did on them.

She also sewed Briggs a quilt which he loved.

And Brette out of no where sewed the cutest pillows for Haylie and Micah.

For my Grandparents, Leslie organized making a book of memories for them from all the grandkids. It turned out so good and they loved it so much.

And because my Mom didn't spend enough time sewing this year, she continued on in the tradition of making matching pyjama's for everyone. This is the best picture I could get!

Friday, January 21, 2011

These pictures make me happy

Once a year, every Christmas Eve my Dad busts out the accordion. We always wish we could hear it more often and this year we got our wish!

In Briggs's class they were reading a book and it had a picture of someone playing the accordion so of course he announces that his Grandpa can play. His teacher who is my Aunt Cheryl suggested to Briggs that maybe he come in the class and play for everyone. Now those of you that know my Dad know that this is a little out of his comfort zone. But unfortunately for him he also has a little bit of a soft spot for his grand kids and I don't think he had the heart to tell Briggs no. So off he went to perform for not only Briggs's class, but all the grade two's and the teachers. He even learned a new song for the performance. Briggs could not of been more excited.

So since the accordion was pulled out of the storage room a few weeks before Christmas it got a lot more playing time than usual. There's always laughing, singing, and dancing when it's out. Here are pictures to prove it.

Mom don't be mad at me for putting these pictures on, it just shows what a good, fun Grandma you are!

The kids all have to take their turn trying it out.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So it's pretty obvious that I'm struggling with the blogging thing lately. The more I get behind in blogging the less I have any desire to do it. There are actually a ton of things I would love to blog about, but again, I just don't have the desire to do it. So I thought I'd just start with a short post and a picture, hoping this will motivate me to get going again.

So here is my picture of our very own spiderman.....

Kash's new favorite thing lately, puts this over his face and runs around like he thinks he is the coolest thing ever!