Saturday, May 30, 2009

Ode to Skylie....

So yesterday was Skylie's 4th birthday. It was kind of a low key day. She had her friend Kamree over. Then we just played outside in the sprinkler's, jumped on the tramp, and played with water balloons. The only thing that she wanted to do for her birthday was have a pet shop b-day cake. So Kristy made that for her and it turned out so cute.

Her b-day got me thinking about the last four years I've had with Skylie. The pregnancy is still so fresh in my mind. Probably one of the worse pregnancy's of all my kids. I literally could not walk cause my hips hurt so bad. I still remember packing up my kids and their bikes into my van, only to drive one block to the church so they could ride bikes cause I couldn't walk that far. And then once she decided to finally come, 9 DAYS LATE, she really wanted to come. From first contraction to end it was only 2 hours. I still remember her poor little blue, bruised face from being born so fast.

Skylie is such a fun little girl. I love her personality so much. She is always just off in her own little world singing, dancing, and talking to herself (usually in her princess voice we all love). She loves dressing up and is always changing her outfits throughout the day. She always wears dresses. She loves wearing makeup and thinks she is the prettiest thing alive when she gets it on.

Skylie is a smart little girl. So smart that she some how got Brette and I to take turns piggybacking her all the way up and down the H.S. hill cause she hurt her toe. And when I say hurt I mean she poked her toe on a little tiny thistle of some sort. She really milked that one. And even the next day tried to trick Brette into carrying her into the house because of it. She is always saying the funniest, most clever things.

Here's my mom desperately trying to find any sort of mark on Skylie's injured toe.

I can read Skylie's mind here. Happy as can be that she tricked Brette.

Happy Birthday Skylie!!!! Please always stay as sweet and enjoyable as you are now!!

Monday, May 11, 2009


Who's fingernails do you like better, Brette's (the one with the fluorescent 80's colored fingers in pic) or Kash's? I think if you could get a good look at both of Brette's hands you'd choose her. Every nail is a different, (very) bright color. Although Kash's are pretty cute too.

My sister's and mom love doing stuff like this to my poor, helpless children. It was actually pretty funny. Kash wasn't sure what to think. But like always, he was a great sport.

Just a random, unimportant story....

So this is random, but very typical of something that would happen to me. So I'm going to write about it.

I think I have mentioned before that I'm not the most organized person. I know it's a shock to some. But I really have such good intentions. And I really am trying hard lately to get a little more on top of my life. So I bought myself a cute little notepad that sticks to my fridge to make my grocery lists on. And whenever I run out of something I just jot it down so next time I go to the store I'll remember what I need. And yes, I know that's what most people do, but I'm just catching on.

Anyways, I was going to Lethbridge the other day and made my list of what I needed. I was a little frazzled getting out the door with the kids and forgot my list. Don't worry though, I was in the burb, ready to go and I remembered and went back in and got it. So I'm at Walmart and Kash grabs my list and bites a big chunk out it. Whatever, I can still see most of it. Then I notice he doesn't have it anymore, I turn around and there it is at the end of the aisle. Thank goodness I noticed it. Nothing too major. So I'm done at Walmart, just had to go to one more store and get all my main groceries, you know all the stuff that was on the list. We get outside in the dreaded wind, and there goes my list. After all that, it's gone.

I have issues with running....

I'm not sure what I've gotten myself into. A few months ago my mom called and said she was signing up to run in the 8km LadiesFest Run and I thought well if my mom can do it, I'm sure I can too. So I signed up. After all I used to love running. I would actually get excited about running. I would even do it everyday. Times have sure changed. I don't know if it's cause I'm always completely exhausted, or if I'm just out of shape, or cause my body is getting old and everything hurts during and after a run, but I just can't get motivated to get ready for this run. Now I know it's no marathon, it's just 8km (5 miles for you Americans), but my competitive side just doesn't want to finish in last place, so I need to get in a little shape before. And I am just not doing it. It doesn't help that I absolutely hate the wind and refuse to go outside running in it. So that leaves the treadmill at the gym. And I die of boredom after 2 miles and can't go any longer.

I remember when I was in junior high and we ran in the Cardston 5 miler for school. I remember honestly feeling like I was going to die/throw up/dehydrate the whole time. I did not enjoy it. I have a feeling I might just have to relive that day again. Soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm back.....

I have seriously fallen off the face of the computer world. I have not blogged (obviously), have not checked anybody's blog, which is something that I'm usually obsessed with, and I have hardly even been on facebook (another obsession). I don't know what my problem is. Oh wait, maybe it's the six kids I have and a million other things I have had going on lately. Anyways, thought it was time for a quick update. Not sure where to begin....

Over Easter holidays we went up to Blackfalls, (actually Blackfolds I found out after almost missing the turn) for a few days. I met my mom and Brette up there. It was fun for the kids to play, and for us to play too! I can sum up what we did in about four words. Ticket to Ride, and food. My mom and Brette bought this game while we were there and we it was the best purchase of the trip. We completely neglected the kids, they occasionally got a mini egg or carrot and a diaper change, and we played and played. I was dreaming about the game.
One day we the kids organized a talent show. Here are a few pictures from that...

Haylie of course had to be the m.c.

Unlike Haylie who loves to be the center of attention here is Micah. She was to shy to do a talent so we talked her into drawing a picture for it, which by the way she loves and is very good at.

And I have to say that I just love my mom. She has no problem doing anything for some good entertainment. She recited a poem and had the kids full attention the whole time. They weren't sure what to think!

My mom's captive audience. Notice there are some smiles, some concerned faces, Micah even looks a little scared in the back.

The star of the show in my eyes, Shannon. I'm just glad they didn't get a picture of me doing my dance.

And here is our party pooper judge. She was a good judge. There were plenty of other numbers. A duet, a few soloists. It was great.

Other than playing our game non-stop and the talent show, me and Shannon took the kids swimming which they loved, made a stop at Mcdonalds, and did a little rushed shopping.

Just a few other random things that have been going on...

Here is Kash thinking he is so hot. This is his favorite place right now where he thinks he's pretty cool. He'll stand with one hand for a few seconds, sometimes even with no hands when he wants to be really tricky.

And here is a picture of his first hair cut. Steve hates his hair and has been bugging me to cut it forever so I did.

Here's a family pic before church one day minus Kash. I don't get pictures of my kids all together often enough. And of course I couldn't get one of everyone looking. This was the best I got.

Some quick tidbits....Summer is still scared of "airplanes", every time she sees an antenna she is still scared and insists it's an airplane.

Haylie made her first batch of cookies this weekend. Instead of 1/4 tsp of baking soda she put in 1/4 cup. They tasted great......Her and Micah both love helping in the kitchen. Haylie is always eager to make her stand by, grill cheese sandwiches and tomatoe soup.

We have had a few snow days and there's been lots of playing with friends. When will spring ever come????

I have been busy the last couple days scrapbooking a wedding book for one of the girls I taught in young women's. I don't know if my house will ever recover from the neglect it's had the last few days.

This post seems really random to me and I'm sorry. Hope it makes sense. I will get better. Promise.