Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just an Average Day.....

Just thought I'd show you a few highlights of my wonderful day.

Summer was supposed to be in bed, instead I busted her with the Motrin. Is it bad that my first thought was that I hope this makes her drowsy???? Instead the exact opposite happened. Completely bouncing off the walls five minutes later.

And yes I am taking a picture of her downing Motrin okay...By the look on her face I really don't think she got that much.....

And of course she wanted to clean it "herself".

Drawing on the wall which really doesn't phase me it happens so often. I asked Skylie what they were drawing and she said it was "hot meatballs". I can see the resemblance.

And then the classic, getting into my makeup. Always fun. No that's not the marker from earlier on her face, it's eyeliner. Beautiful.

Skylie plucking her eyelashes..??

The pics don't include emptying out the Q-tip box, playing with the toilet plunger multiple times and the disgusting toilet brush cleaner thing, getting into the tub of margarine, or eating bread in my bed (grrrr). I'm not posting all this to complain cause stuff like this is completely normal in my house and really doesn't bother me (usually). I just thought it would be fun to look back on one day for a good laugh.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My craftiness.....

So Summer insists on wearing nightgowns EVERY day, all day. She does mix it up and bit and will change into various nightgowns throughout the day, dirty or not she'll put them on. Sometimes she will even wear the same one a few days in a row. I'll bath her and the same nightgown will go on again. Now I know that this may sound gross to some, and it would of sounded gross to me a few years ago. But I have never dealt with a child like sweet little Summer before. With her "sweet little disposition" I pretty much let her do what she wants cause it gets very ugly if I don't. I'm not like that with everything she wants, just things that really don't matter in the end, like wearing nightgowns everyday. So I decided that if this was going to continue I may as well give her a little more of a variety with her wardrobe and I decided to make her a new nightgown. I am no seamstress by any means but it was kind of fun to sew. And of course once Skylie saw what I was doing she wanted one too. So here's a picture of the results...

Summer in all her glory.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

See, I really am a farm girl...

So Steve obviously knows that I grew up on a farm, but he doesn't think I really "grew" up on a farm if that makes any sense. He thinks it's really weird that I have never actually seen a calf being born (but really who wants to see that anyways), anytime I tell him I used to drive truck, or the swather, or even that I drove combine for one whole summer I can tell he really doesn't believe me. And I really did have to strain the milk almost every morning. That's definetly a true sign of a farm girl. Anyways the point that I'm trying to make is that he know's that I grew up on the farm but doesn't think I'm a farm girl. Well he sure got the surprise of his life when we were out there last and he found all of us girls with the kids in the barn. I even have pictures to prove it....

here's the whole crew of us

Summer was obsessed with the calves..

and the horse.

I know you are all jealous of mine and Brette's coats. Or maybe your just wondering what we are doing with the canes...even I'm not sure on that one. The coats actually used to be mine and Shannon's in junior high, and they were cool. And still kind of are.

I loved this one of my Dad!

Brette taking Shannon for a real fun ride in the calf wagon. Shan was just a little nervous.

Me and Steve. Yes he is there, he is just a little hard to see with his camo clothes on.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's Great to be 8!

Now that I finally have my pictures downloaded onto my computer I can blog about this past weekend. On Friday was Micah's 8th birthday. I know I sound like everyone else when I say this, but I can't believe that she is 8! On Friday after school she got to go to her first achievement days stake activity with Haylie. She thought that was pretty fun. Then that night we had a birthday party for her. She invited 8 friends to come to it. I don't know why I torture myself with night party's. Everyone is so incredibly hyper at night! But it's over. They had pizza, decorated pillowcases, played a few games, and played High School Musical karaoke on the wii Here's some pictures from the big party....

Micah loves art and drawing so she loved the art book I gave her. She wanted to look through the whole thing but was going to be late for school.

Micah's friends and all the webkins she got. On a side note I am getting a little sick of all the stuffed animals at my house. My kids LOVE them but everywhere I look there is another one. She got 11 for her b-day!

So on Sunday Micah was able to get baptized. It turned out to be such a perfect day despite all my things I had to do that I put off till the last minute. (And thank you again Brette for saving me!) We had a dinner afterwards at my house and everyone was able to make it. Here's some pictures from that....

Micah in her new dress.

Brette and Leslie a little excited about the potatoes!

My mom gave Micah a new journal.

Anyways that was my crazy weekend. Sorry this was such a long post!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Following the Crowd

So I did my "25" on facebook and then decided to put it on my blog cause I'm hoping one day to print this all out and I thought it would be something fun me and my kids could read later. So just ignore if you've already seen it. But for anyone that hasn't done this it is actually kind of fun, so do it!

1. I am really unorganized. Even if I try and be organized and make a list I either lose my list or forget it.

2. I love plucking my eyebrows for some reason.

3. Even though sometimes I make fun of it, I love driving a suburban that is jam-packed with kids and car seats.

4. I absolutely do not like making decisions about anything. I would much rather someone just tell me what to do and I'll do it.

5. I have good intentions about a lot of things. Like cleaning my storage room, getting food supply, calling a friend, the list goes on. I truly want to do things but lots of the time I just don't.

6. I am petrified of mice and going to the dentist.

7.I feel like I have zero sense of style. I would gladly wear jeans, a hoody and flip flops everyday.

8. Pretty much the only job in the house I really like doing is vacuuming. And I do it at least once a day. It bugs me when other people do it cause I like it so much. weird.

9. My house is NEVER ever spotless. Although I wish it was.

10. I love cleaning my ears. Sometimes I'll clean my ears before I shower cause I just can't wait and then I'll clean them again after.

11. I never wear jeans in the house. It's always pyjama's or sweats. The first thing I do when I walk in the house from being somewhere is change.

12. Have a thing with smells. Like when I'm folding clothes I smell everything I fold. Or before I use a washcloth I always smell it. I'm always worried when people come over that my house stinks.

13. I love a good laughing session with my sisters and mom.

14. Definitely will never own a pet of any kind.

15. I am a huge procrastinator. I will wait till the last minute to do everything. And then as I'm stressing and rushing around at the last minute I ask myself over and over "why do I always do this to myself?"

16. I hate change. I would be perfectly happy staying in the same house, the same ward, driving the same car, living in the same town my whole life. Although I would like to change the color of my carpet.

17. I don't get mad very often. And if I do I am over it in about 30 second.

18. I love driving in the car by myself and cranking up the tunes. Nerdy I know.

19. I am really competitive. Even though sometimes I don't act like it I really hate losing.

20. I am a very low maintenance kind of person. It really doesn't take much to make me happy.

21. I would probably have a couple more kids if Steve wanted to and if I didn't have to be pregnant again.

22. I'm really easy going.

23. I have a serious sweet tooth. I could eat treats all day. It takes so much will power for me not too.

24. I hardly ever make my bed. Although I did make a new years resolution to do it everyday and I have been doing better. So maybe this one doesn't count.

25. I used to be a night owl but now I love going to bed early. I used to make fun of my mom for going to bed so early and now I do the same thing. I'm just always sooo tired.

My worry-wort

No it's not me that's the worry wort, I'm actually almost the extreme opposite. The worry wort I'm talking about is Briggs. I could list examples all day but I'm just going to give a couple examples. Like the other day we were out at my parents and my Dad put Summer on the horse....well Briggs could hardly stand watching, he kept saying (and mostly under his breath, I just happened to be standing right beside him to hear him) "Don't you think you should get off Summer"? "No don't get on again". "Ok Summer get off now". Anyways it wasn't even really what he was saying as much as the concerned look on his face. And then when we had to walk into a pen of angry, grumpy, pregnant cows Briggs was even more worried. We made a run for it and we were fine.

Anyways the real story I want to tell happened this morning when I was exercising. Usually when I exercise I do this video called hip hop abs (doesn't that sound fun?) Well this morning I decided to do Billy Blanks Ultimate Bootcamp just to mix it up a little. After a while Briggs came down to watch me and that's when the worrying started. He could clearly see that I was struggling more than he had ever seen anyone struggle before. Here are some of the comments he was saying

"Mom that looks really hard"
"It is really hard"

"What kind of exercising is this anyways?"
"It's Tai-Bo"

"I think you should stop mom"

"I wish you were the same size as you were when you got married"
"oh why?"
"Cause then you wouldn't have to exercise".

"I think you should do hip hop abs"

"You think that feels bad don't you"(when billy asked me how that felt)

"Do you like hip hop abs better cause I think you should do hip hop abs"

And then the very last thing he said to me which made me feel awesome....
"Mom I think your tummy looks the same size as it did when Kash was in your tummy"

I finally did take his advice and after about 35 minutes of torture I stopped. It was cute how he was so worried about me.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Homework Eater..

So Kash is seriously the best baby. He is so mellow and easy going and just kind of hangs out all day. It's good for me cause when I'm busy making dinner or taking care of the other kids he'll usually just hang out on the floor and play with his toys. The other day I was busy doing something and forgot about Kash cause he was being so quiet and when I finally went to check on him this is what I found....

Kash looking proud as punch that he just completely destroyed his big brothers homework.

Sunday, February 1, 2009


So after a little convincing from a few friends I decided to start a blog. I actually started it a while ago. I even typed out a few posts and they both somehow got deleted. I was so frustrated that I haven't even tried again up until now. And if this post doesn't work it's definitely a sign that blogging is just not for me. Anyways I figured that this would be a good way to journal what goes on in my life. And yes Shannon I could just write in my journal but for some weird reason this just seems easier.

Well the pressure of the first post is finally over!! Hopefully I'll have time to post more about my life with half a dozen!