Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hit by the plague

"Sick as a dog", "dropping like flies", "I feel like death". These all accurately describe what has been going on in our house over the last week. As of today, this plague that has been sweeping threw the whole town has hit all of our kids. Steve and I haven't got it yet....knock on wood. It has actually been a pretty peaceful week. I have been making sure the kids are getting their doses of tylenol and antibiotics, and they have been doing a lot of this....

And a lot of this......

( Yes, there is a child under this blanket)

Well I'm hoping there is an end in sight and everyone will get feeling better.

On a happy, fun, relaxing, non-sick note, I went up to Edomonton this last weekend with Brette. It was my cousin Christie's reception, so we decided to go up to it and make a weekend of it. It was really fun to get away. We did alot of shopping. And that about sums it up. We shopped until the stores closed on Friday, got up Saturday first thing and started again. Shannon and one of my good friends Hilorie met up with us Saturday, and we went to West Ed which was an absolute zoo. I could not believe how many people were there. It was a really fun weekend and I think every Mom needs to get away without kids once in a while. It was great to see some cousins and I could not be happier for Christie. She looked amazing!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Must of been Really Tired!

So my kids have fallen asleep in some random places before but I think this one tops them all....

Love so many things about this....

1. That it happened when Steve was home with the kids.

2. I know it sounds mean but I love picturing Steve on a search all over the house to find Kash, including walking right past him at one point, to find him asleep on the counter. This kind of stuff usually only happens to me.

3. Love thinking about what was going threw Kash's mind when he decided the counter was as good a place as any to go to sleep.

4. Love that Steve actually took a picture of it.