Monday, June 27, 2011


My girls favorite thing to do lately is to give themselves makeovers. And let me tell ya, they always end up looking amazing. All they need is a little eye shadow and some nail polish and they are entertained for quite a while. ANTM watch out!!

The whole make-over thing is starting to rub off on Kash. After the girls finished painting each of their fingernails a different color they left all the nail polish out. Well along comes Kash and instead of giving his finger nails a makeover, he decided to give my bathroom cabinets a make-over with hot pink fingernail polish. It looks amazing. But not as good as his whole foot did the other day when he painted it with purple nail polish. And let me tell you, he was proud as punch of the job he did.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Willie Wonka

Meet Violet. Violet Beurogard. The past 6 months we have heard a lot of lines from the play "Willie Wonka". Haylie auditioned to be in the community play and got the part of Violet, the gum chewer. I was very hesitant to let her go in the play but after years of begging to be in one and some persuasion from my Mom I decided to let her try out. I was actually gone the weekend of try outs and I told her if she really wanted to do it she had to find her own song to sing and find a poem to recite and find her own way to the auditions. (nice mom!) And this was all one day before the auditions. Well she did and she ended up getting one of the main parts which she (and my Mom) were thrilled about. It did end up being a good experience for her. She really enjoyed it and made some good friends doing it. The last two weeks were pretty brutal but we made it threw. There were many late nights and then she still had to go to school the next morning. And unfortunately she inherited grumpiness and tears when she gets too tired from my side of the family.

Here is Haylie and her friend Corrine or "Veruca". They spent alot of time together at the play.

I think Haylie did a great job, especially since she has never done anything like this before. Her costume wasn't her favorite but it worked great for the part. At the end of her last scene she ends up blowing up like a blueberry so her dress needed to be a little puffy. There is an air costume underneath that ends up blowing up. I don't know if Haylie will end up doing anything like this again, but if not I think she learned alot from the experience.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Party time

I am so excited it's the last day of school!! So are the kids.

No more making lunches, no more backpacks in the entrance, no more papers and notes and more papers coming home, no more searching frantically for socks, no more getting up early, no more trying to remember every ones schedules and field trips and swim days, no more phone calls from school from kids that have forgotten things, and no more signing planners!!!

On a side note I can't believe how much Briggs has grown this year. His feet are seriously the same size as mine and he has past Haylie in height now.

Skylie's last day was two weeks ago. She loved kindergarten. It's been nice having her home so she can entertain Summer for me. Her she is on her last day. And yes she insisted on wearing those jewels on her forehead to school. Beautiful!

Skylie and her friend Brooke. They kept doing these weird poses. I didn't get one normal picture of them!

Well I'm looking forward to two months of no schedule, warm weather (hopefully), swimming, camping, and playing!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dance recital

This year Skylie took dance lessons out in HillSpring. Sarra and I took turns driving out every Tuesday and it was well worth it. She had so much fun and the teachers were so good. For the last month of lessons they performed at all the old folks homes in the area. I thought that this was a really fun idea because they got to wear their costumes so many times and got to perform their dances way more. Skylie's favorite part was of course getting make-up on.

Here's a few pictures from the recitle and other performances.

These were my favorite costumes. So cute. I stole these from Sarra's blog. (thanks!!)

Skylie and Jane are such good little friends. They had so much fun together.

I love how pretty much every kid is doing something different in this picture!

Monday, June 13, 2011

My organized child

So Kash's favorite thing lately seems to be lining his toys up in a perfect row.

He seems to think it as much fun to do it as it is to play with his toys.

A while back we were at my parents house and discovered this....

I really think the only reason he asked for this orange was to line them up. He didn't even eat one piece of it.

Steve will be so happy if Kash's obsession with organizing stays.

And I don't know why, but I thought it was so funny when I came into the kitchen one day and found this random elephant hanging out on the chair.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I guess rules are meant to be broken.

So I just broke my number one rule. No pets aloud. Ever. My kids have been begging me for a dog or a cat forever. I will never give into one though. They want a hamster or a lizard or a bunny. Then they started asking for a fish. I told them no forever but they would not stop begging. So I finally told Haylie and Micah if they could keep their room spotless for one month then I would get them a fish. Well they tried and tried but just couldn't do it. So I finally shortened it to two weeks. It took them a while but they finally did it. So here it is....

The lady at the store did tell me they like to hide behind plants. I guess she was right. Haylie and Micah are so excited. I told them I will not do anything to take of this fish. They have to feed it, clean the tank, and whatever else needs to be done with it.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Swim lessons

So I am the type of person that hates change and hates trying new things. If I go out to eat I always order the same things. I have a routine at home that I like to stick to. I do the same workouts all the time. So I surprised myself and others this week when I decided to take adult swim lessons. Not only is this something I have never done, but I really don't like swimming. At all. I don't like being wet, I don't like being cold, I don't like jumping in the water. I don't even know how to dive, or swim besides a little doggy paddle thing I do.

Well last night was day two on the lessons and I am actually really enjoying it. I have discovered a couple things that actually makes swimming a little more enjoyable for me. One, I have never worn goggles before or even opened my eyes under water. I usually squeeze my eyes closed in a panic when I am in the water and wearing the goggles helps a ton so I can actually see whats going on. And I never knew before to blow out of my nose once in a while, I kept getting water in my nose and choking. And like I mentioned before, I always panic under the water and can't relax, well I find if I force myself to try and relax it is much better.

My kids are being so funny about this whole thing though. Here are some of the comments I've had to listen to over the last few days:

"But Mom, why do you need to take swimming lessons?"
"Mom, do you really need to wear that cap on your head?"
"Your wearing goggles???"
"So are you taking swim lessons so that you will be more fun when we go swimming like Grandma and Leslie? They are really fun to swim with. They play with us and stuff."
"Mom, I thought people only wore those caps when.....well, never mind."
"So why are you taking swim lessons again?"
"I really want to see you wearing that cap."
And Micah told me that Haylie said my swim suit was ugly. When I asked her about it she got mad at Micah, "Micah you weren't supposed to tell her!
These comments don't make me feel self conscious at all! haha.