Friday, June 3, 2011

Swim lessons

So I am the type of person that hates change and hates trying new things. If I go out to eat I always order the same things. I have a routine at home that I like to stick to. I do the same workouts all the time. So I surprised myself and others this week when I decided to take adult swim lessons. Not only is this something I have never done, but I really don't like swimming. At all. I don't like being wet, I don't like being cold, I don't like jumping in the water. I don't even know how to dive, or swim besides a little doggy paddle thing I do.

Well last night was day two on the lessons and I am actually really enjoying it. I have discovered a couple things that actually makes swimming a little more enjoyable for me. One, I have never worn goggles before or even opened my eyes under water. I usually squeeze my eyes closed in a panic when I am in the water and wearing the goggles helps a ton so I can actually see whats going on. And I never knew before to blow out of my nose once in a while, I kept getting water in my nose and choking. And like I mentioned before, I always panic under the water and can't relax, well I find if I force myself to try and relax it is much better.

My kids are being so funny about this whole thing though. Here are some of the comments I've had to listen to over the last few days:

"But Mom, why do you need to take swimming lessons?"
"Mom, do you really need to wear that cap on your head?"
"Your wearing goggles???"
"So are you taking swim lessons so that you will be more fun when we go swimming like Grandma and Leslie? They are really fun to swim with. They play with us and stuff."
"Mom, I thought people only wore those caps when.....well, never mind."
"So why are you taking swim lessons again?"
"I really want to see you wearing that cap."
And Micah told me that Haylie said my swim suit was ugly. When I asked her about it she got mad at Micah, "Micah you weren't supposed to tell her!
These comments don't make me feel self conscious at all! haha.


Leslie said...

tracie this is so funny! you dont even know how jealous i am of your swimming lessons! hahaha and i love the comments from your kids and how concerned they are about your swimming cap...haha!

shannon said...

hahahh, i LOVE that your kids are embarassed of you!!! they are so funny. i cant wait to go to the dam with you this summer, and you and les can have a swim off!

the fellers said...

oh man, those comments are hilarious!