Friday, June 24, 2011

Party time

I am so excited it's the last day of school!! So are the kids.

No more making lunches, no more backpacks in the entrance, no more papers and notes and more papers coming home, no more searching frantically for socks, no more getting up early, no more trying to remember every ones schedules and field trips and swim days, no more phone calls from school from kids that have forgotten things, and no more signing planners!!!

On a side note I can't believe how much Briggs has grown this year. His feet are seriously the same size as mine and he has past Haylie in height now.

Skylie's last day was two weeks ago. She loved kindergarten. It's been nice having her home so she can entertain Summer for me. Her she is on her last day. And yes she insisted on wearing those jewels on her forehead to school. Beautiful!

Skylie and her friend Brooke. They kept doing these weird poses. I didn't get one normal picture of them!

Well I'm looking forward to two months of no schedule, warm weather (hopefully), swimming, camping, and playing!!

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Anonymous said...

oh my heck i love your kids - they are so funny! and briggs is honestly so big cant believe it! and skylie is halarious with the jewels on your head!