Tuesday, March 30, 2010


What is it about diaper rash cream that is so irresistible??????

Almost everyone of my kids has done this. On a positive note, he didn't get it in the carpets anywhere. Just all over my bathroom, which was a dream to clean up compared to getting it out of carpet.

Doesn't he look like he is truly sorry in this picture and will never do it again?????

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Few Random Things.....

Remember this disaster......

I never did do anything to try and fix it. Just decided to leave it and let it run its course. It has been a disaster for about 6 months now. Well I'm happy to announce that it finally, almost looks normal. A couple weeks ago I cut about 2 inches off and here is the result....

I cut Summer's hair the same day and she really wanted to be in the picture too. Anyways, just happy that her hair is finally looking better and hopefully she learned her lesson.

These two are always together. They are so funny to listen to when they play. Skylie makes up all the rules, tells Summer exactly what to say in all the games, and Summer just goes along with it. I don't know what Summer is going to do next year when Skylie starts kindergarten. Maybe Summer will just have to start bossing Kash around.

Love this picture.

Not sure what Summer is doing in this one...But do you notice the gap that Summer has between her front teeth??

Well that is no longer there anymore. Because I'm an awesome Mom and don't floss her teeth (and maybe missed a brushing here and there..) she got a cavity in between her front teeth and that gap kept getting bigger and bigger. (And don't worry Joe, I made sure she got a toothbrush for Christmas this year..haha.) Anyways, a couple weeks ago we had to go in to the hospital to get her dental work done. She had a couple other cavities that she had fixed too. I wish that I could of gotten a picture of her but of course didn't. So when we got there she had to put on the hospital pyjamas that they have. She would not put them on because they weren't "beautiful". I finally told her I'd buy her a webkinz if she put them on. Luckily it worked.
On Summer's arm and stomach she had these little bumps that she calls "eyeballs". I can't remember what they're called but they kind of look like warts, and I know it starts with an "M". Anyways Dr. Clarke came in and cut them off while she was under. She was more worried about that then getting her teeth fixed. At supper that night I had Summer tell everyone what she did at the hospital and this is what she told us. "Well first they came and gave me a drink of juice (Tylenol), and then they made me go to sleep, and then they cut off my eyeballs." I really don't even think she knew they fixed her teeth. I'm just glad that's taken care of but I'm dreading the bill.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Micah's B-day....

Micah's Birthday was back in February. Can't believe that she is nine!!

Skylie and Summer were with me when I went shopping for her present and they were picking out the most random presents for her. You can see a few things in the picture below. Luckily Micah is so kind that she acted really excited about everything they gave her.

For her party we decorated sugar cookies, had cake and ice cream, then went down and went swimming. I've decided that this is one of my favorite things to do cause you don't have to do anything. Just sit and watch everyone swim.

Here's a few little facts about Micah.....

-She is such a thoughtful and kind person.

-She loves writing and illustrating stories. She always has something on the go and has done this ever since she learned to write her letters. She also loves writing songs.

-She is quiet and kind of shy. I'm always telling her to speak louder because I can't hear her. She is quiet but has a little fiestiness in her too, and I love it when that side of her comes out

-She is such a good sister to Skylie and Summer and is always playing with them. Lately she has been playing school lots with Skylie and teaching her how to spell her name. (someones got to)

-She is bookworm number 2. Probably the only thing that her and Haylie have in common is that they both love reading.

-Loves to draw and wants to be an artist. She loves any kind of craft, painting, or coloring.

-She has lots of friends but really doesn't care about inviting them over. Although she asked for a friend today which was a first, but she wasn't home. She is content just being by herself, playing on the computer, reading or drawing.

-She loves to sing and play her high school musical dance on the wii.

-Loves school and does really good in all her subjects. She is a really quick learner.

-Her favorite food is spaghetti and lasagna.

-She doesn't really care for any sports but is in gymnastics which she really likes.

Micah is such a pleasant person to be around. We sure love her!! Happy B-day!

Haylie's B-day.....

So I know that Haylie's b-day was in December, but I'm still going write about it. Just a few months late. We had a very small friends party. She really wanted her party on her actual b-day, which is right smack in the middle of Christmas holidays, so there really wasn't really anyone around. But she didn't care. Still wanted the party so we did it, with her 2 friends that were around and cousins. First they went swimming then came back for some cake. It was fun.

So here's a few things about Haylie...

-She is such a little bookworm. Loves to read. She got a bunch of books (around 30 between her and Micah) for Christmas and she just finished all of them.

-Loves playing with friends. Every weekend she is over at someones house or they are here.

-Loves school. Mrs. Dittman is her teacher this year. She does really well in school which is good for me cause I don't really have to help her much.

-Just went to parent teacher and was glad to hear that she knows how to avoid girl drama which I'm so glad for. Her class (whole grade it seems) has quite a bit of drama and I am so glad that she does not get involved. Her teacher says she knows when to leave and stay out of things. Hopefully it stays that way.

-She is taking piano and started voice this year. She sang in festival for the first time this year and was really scared but did really good.

-She is starting to become concerned with how she looks and what she wears and how her hair is done.

-won't eat anything that has hamburger in it. Well except cheeseburgers. As long as there is no mustard on it.

-Very determined girl.

-Loves going dirt biking with Briggs and Steve.

-good little basketball player.

-does not have the patience to sit and play a game.

-she is always moving. always doing cartwheels, head and hand stands, doing the splits, and if she is telling a story or talking to me she is pacing back and forth.

Well that's all I can think of for now. Happy late B-day!!!