Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was out at my mom's trying to kill some time while Steve and my Dad were trying to get the new surround sound hooked up and my mom was gone. I started looking threw some pictures on my mom's computer and came across these ones. Can you guess who????

This is such a hideous picture of me and I can't believe I'm putting it on here but this is how I want to remember this stage of my life I'm in right now. Having a baby on my lap, trying to comfort another one, me in my pyjamas, dirty high chair tray. This is my life. And I love it. Even though it's crazy and chaotic most days, I know I'll miss it one day.

And here's the last one. I love this picture because this is Briggs' on his 3rd b-day getting this dirtbike, and he was just as excited to get the exact same dirtbike for Christmas this year. Every birthday and Christmas it seems he gets one of these bikes cause by then his is broken. I remember when he was little and he would pack these bikes around with him everywhere. Bike was actually his very first word. He's a little obsessed.

Late night snacks.....

My poor neglected blog... After the Christmas craziness is over I plan to get better. I know my last post was about Summer but since there is always something to write about with her, here goes another one.

So after having four kids I pretty much thought I had things all figured out, thought I was a pretty good mom and had pretty good kids. Number five has definitely interesting. Love her to death but she has definitely thrown me off a bit.

So Summer always wants breakfast. She will eat it and then an hour later want more. And then for lunch want more. And then for a snack..breakfast. This isn't as bad as it sounds cause it's not like she wants frootloops or frosted flakes non stop, it's usually mush so it's at least healthy. And I don't always give in. But on to the real problem... she has been waking up at 3:00 am almost every night lately insisting on breakfast. So what would you do is my question.

Do you make it a quick, painless thing and get up, get her breakfast and tell her when she's done to go to bed. Yes it's probably not the best thing cause I'm giving into her and letting her have her way which is something we're trying not to do, it's probably not a great habit to get her into either, but in total is about a 5 minute process.

Or do you not give in, and tell her to go back to bed. This option involves about a 20 minute fight to get her to go back to bed, only to have her in your bedroom about 10 minutes later to do it all over again. Oh and if you lock the door on her it is even worse cause she will cry and scream until you open the door. It's really quite pleasant. It usually is at least and hour or two before anyone gets any sleep.

One of us is determined not to give into her and one of us just doesn't care cause they value their sleep more than anything. Anyone that knows us well can figure out who is who.

So what would you do??

And I'll end this post with a quote from Sarra about Summer. "She is so small, but so powerful". I love it cause it describes Summer exactly.