Thursday, October 28, 2010

What's new...

Kash got a new train set from his Grandma Holland for a late birthday present. He is loving it. Hours of entertainment for him and all the rest of the kids.

Briggs got all new biking gear. Unfortunately after his and Steve's last biking trip his biking bag with all his gear somehow flew out of the truck. They went back to see if they could find it but someone had already taken it. Briggs doesn't seem too sad about it now. You can only see his eyes but under that helmet is the biggest grin you've ever seen. It's too bad that we just bought his new boots a week earlier for his b-day only to have to replace them.

And we got a new hairdo. Courtesy of Skylie.

She decided she wanted bangs so took it upon herself to cut them. We found a pile of hair a few days later in the front closet.

She is loving the new look.

Absolutely ZERO remorse.

Pretty much thinks she is the hottest thing alive. HAHA. I love Skylie! Every time I do her hair she stresses to me to leave her bangs down, don't comb them back. Don't worry Skylie, there's not much I can do with that butcher job. I do know it could be worse though.

And thank goodness for everyones supportive comments about the bear rug, hopefully we will not be getting a new rug. Steve went out bear hunting one day but hasn't said anything about it since. Hopefully he's moved on to something new.

Kash is 2

So I can't believe that my baby is two now. It's weird cause normally by the time my youngest is two I usually have a newborn. Not this time. Instead I still just pack him around like he is still a little baby.

Kash brings so much happiness to the family. I know that sounds cheesy but it's true. Everyone loves laughing at him which only eggs him on to be more goofy.

He is always the center of attention. Might be a little spoiled. Everyone loves kissing him and always want kisses in return.

And most of all, we love his cheesy, goofy, crazy grins and faces that he pulls. He especially likes pulling them when the camera comes out.

I didn't really have anything planned for his birthday so the day of I decided I should do something. So we had whatever family was around over for a barbaque. It turned out to be really fun.

Kash loved all the balloons he got for his b-day.

He also got a ball, a couple stuffed animals (his sisters really wanted to get him), and a t-ball set.

Here's a few Kash facts:
-he will not let us put milk on his cereal. He wants it dry. Just like his Grandma Gibb.
-He does not talk very well yet.
-When he does talk he has the lowest little voice. It's so cute.
-Every time he see's me he says, "Hi Mum" in his deepest voice.
-Loves sucking his thumb.
-He loves hats.
-Always says "dan do" (thank you) every time I give him something.
-Loves cheese and anytime I turn my back and there is cheese out, he takes big bites.
-Loves his toy dirtbikes. Actually any kind of bike he loves.
-went through a stage where ever time he saw someone older that was a man he would say, "hi bumpa"
-Loves wearing his blue shark gum boots. All day long.
-Loves going to nursury.
-Loves following Steve around.
Happy B-day Kash!!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Birthday..

It was Briggs's 8th b-day a few weeks ago. He has been talking about going to the skate park in Lethbridge for his party for months now. Luckily the weather was gorgeous and they were able to go.

Here's the crew getting ready to go. The only bad thing about going into Lethbridge is that there wasn't room for me or a few other friends he wanted to invite. I hated missing his party but told Steve he had to take tons of pictures.

This is right up Briggs's alley. He pretty much spends every spare minute riding his bike. He loves it.

Here is everyone at the skatepark. What an easy party. The kids entertained themselves the whole time.

After the skatepark and Mcdonalds everyone came back here for cake and presents. Steve got the biking boots for Briggs.

Briggs had such a fun time and asks everyday if we can go back to the skatepark. Can't believe that he is eight!!!
Here's a few facts about Briggs:
-He loves riding his pedal bike and doing tricks. He is always practicing his wheelies, standing on his seat, building ramps to jump and putting things in the way to jump over. He loves it.
-He loves playing with friends. He loves doing boy stuff and there is a shortage of boys in our house. Luckily he has some good friends that live close by.
-He always wants me to tuck him in at night. And I always do.
-Loves dirtbiking with his Dad.
-He is a sweet, nice, tenderhearted boy.
-He is one of the tallest in his grade.
-Loves playing football and basketball.
-He worries about stuff all the time.
-He can't sit still. Always poking or tapping or bugging someone. He really doesn't do it to be mean, I just really think he can't help himself or he's bored or something.
-He just started piano this year and really likes it so far.
-Loves jumping on the trampoline. Can do a backflip.
-Loves being outside.
Happy 8th B-day!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A new rug....

So Steve and I have a pretty good arrangement, I usually let him get or go do what he wants (within reason) and he does the same for me. Up until now. Tell me if I am being unreasonable about not wanting this in our house......

He is bound and determined to hunt a bear and then make a bear rug out of it and put it in our house!!!! There is no way in the world I would put this anywhere in my house where I would see it on a daily basis. It's creepy and gross and would probably give the kids bad dreams. What's your opinions on a bear rug in your house???? Am I being unreasonable here?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


I left Summer and Kash quietly painting one afternoon, glad to have something for them to do. This is what I came back to...

I really should of know better.