Tuesday, November 23, 2010

He loves shoes

I'm not sure what made Kash think this cute little baby boot would ever fit on his fat, wide, chubby foot.

But he sure gave it his all trying.

He tried every angle possible.

He tried turning in backwards.

He tried the other foot.

But after about 5 minutes I think he realized it was useless, threw it, and ran off to do something else.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween Fun

Halloween was really fun this year. On Saturday I decided to go get some pumpkins to carve which is one of my worst things, but I knew the kids would like it. Of course since I waited until the day before Halloween there was no pumpkins to be found anywhere. So I decided that maybe we could do some crafts instead. I was thinking maybe one or two small, simple little crafts but before I new it there was paint, glue, plates, pipe cleaner, tape and all sorts of crafts spread all over my kitchen and into the living room. It was fun and I'd way rather do that then carve pumpkins.

I thought this little mummy was really cute that Summer made. It's just a juice box wrapped in paper. She was really proud of it too.

I love the faces on Skylie and Summers ghost! You can tell Micah is a perfectionist with hers.

Here are a few more of the crafts the kids made. The rest are stuck on windows and out on the steps.

This year our ward had a Halloween dance. The kids loved it. It was fun watching them out dancing with all their friends. I really have a hard time finding costumes for all eight of us but once they are all figured out and bought I love dressing up and getting the kids all ready. Here they are all ready for the dance! And no Kash is not dressed up like an orphan. These are his favorite mismatched clothes he wears almost everyday with the boots. He was supposed to be a fireman but would not put the costume on.

Our all time favorite show in our family is Nacho Libre. Someone is always quoting something from the movie. Usually it's Steve. So for those of you that have seen the movie you'll appreciate our costumes.

The kids were seriously so excited that Steve was dressed like this. I think Steve was a little excited too. And I think only those that have seen the movie will appreciate the next picture.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I know this happened a while ago but I still wanted to blog about it. We baptized Briggs the day after his birthday. It was conference weekend so we did it after conference on Sunday. It turned out to be such a nice, special day. Briggs really wanted a suit for his baptism so that's what he got. I can't believe how grown up he looks!

The program turned out really nice. Briggs wanted his Grandpa Gibb and Haylie to speak at it. They were both great talks and I was proud of Haylie for getting up there and doing that. Micah led the singing and Haylie played the piano.

Briggs and one of his best friends Kody.

After the baptism we all came back to our house and had a dinner. It was so warm outside so the kids got to play outside. I love things like this that give us the excuse to get together as family and visit and eat.

We can always count on my mom for a journal!

Usually Briggs is surrounded by girls so I love this picture of him and so many boys his age.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Opinions please!

So we have been waiting for over two years to get our house stuccoed. The day has finally come and it looks much better. I wish that we had taken a before and after picture but of course I forgot. So here is where I need the opinions.

Love the look of the house except for the eye sore at the point of the house. You know, the ugly piece of wood that jutts down half way threw. This has ALWAYS really bugged me and to me the logical thing would be to cut it down, or at least cut it so it is the same height all the way across. I have begged Steve to do this but he says it won't work and then rambles some explanation about how the house used to have a flat roof or something. Anyways, I find that now that the house is stuccoed it stands out even more. Something has got to be done.

So what do you do??? Just repaint it white? Paint it the same cream as the build-outs? Put cedar shakes on it? Paint it the same color as the house in hopes that it blends into the house somehow? I really don't know what to do!!