Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our trial run with the trailer....

So I've been meaning to write about our first camping trip with our new trailer for a while but haven't. So like I always say, better late than never. We didn't go far at all. Only about 5 minutes away to the campground here in town. It was so much fun. The kids had a few friends come and we also had Tim and Sarra and their family come hang out and have tin foil dinners with us. Thank goodness Sarra did come cause I forgot plates and utensils for some reason. Luckily for some weird reason she had a stash of spoons in her glove box.

The kids had free reign of practically the whole campground and they took advantage of that. They ran around all night playing and having fun. Anyways here's some pictures from the weekend.

Love this picture!!

I'm pretty sure these two will get married.

Kash thought he was really cool sitting in these little chairs.

Then he tried standing and it backfired on him.

The boys taking a break from wrestling.

It was a fun time. We found out that you don't have to go far to have fun. The trailer worked great and the kids had fun sleeping in it.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A glimpse of my life today....

Today I folded a huge mound of laundry. And even put a lot of it away.

Today I had to hide from a crying two-year old.

Today I was reminded about 50 times by Summer that I was the Grandma in the game.

Today I did not clean up the lipstick that ended up all over the bathroom mirror and counter top. I didn't even know I owned any lipstick.

Today Skylie sure thought she looked pretty when she put lipstick all over her face and put my eyeshadow on.

Today I had to teach my kids about why we shouldn't be jealous and about overcoming the natural man. They ended up laughing at me. And Briggs had to point out that he was a man.

Today Kash shocked himself while pulling out the vacuum plug.

Today I got a little upset when I found out the new DVD I just bought is lost already. I once again said I refuse to buy any more movies.

Today two little girls sprayed about half a bottle of hairspray all over my bathroom and in each others hair. I made a mental note never to buy the aerosol again. Too easy for little girls to spray.

Today I was really stiff from my aerobics class yesterday.

Today I dropped a huge, full jar of pickles and it splattered everywhere, including Summer's eye. While I went to grab a towel Kash slipped in it and covered his clothes and hair in stinky pickle juice.

Today I tried to take a nap. Unfortunatly it didn't work.

Today we ate Thanksgiving leftovers for supper.

Today Summer was spraying Kash with leather protector. Luckily I caught her before too much damage was done.

Today I was sad I couldn't watch my kids play champs. I didn't have the energy to pack all my kids there.

Today I was happy to hear Steve say he was really proud of Briggs and Haylie for how well they did at champs.

Today my kids smashed soda crackers all over the kitchen floor.

Today I slept in.

Today I was excited to go play basketball.

Today I was a little overwhelmed.

Today Skylie dumped a whole bottle of water on the carpet.

Today I almost reached my breaking point when I found diaper rash cream all over the little kids bedroom.

Today I was thankful for Micah who volunteered to put Summer in bed, read her a story, said prayers with her, and gave her some of her stuffed animals to sleep with.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

One year older....

Last week we got to celebrate Briggs's 7th B-day. Here's a few highlights from the day.

Before school opening presents from the family. This was a present that Micah made for him. I know that this post is about Briggs but I have to say that Micah is such a thoughtful girl, she was so worried about what to get for Briggs. Then she went down to her room for a while and came back with this little guy made out of pom-poms. You can always count on her to make something for everyone. She is so creative. She also made him a tiger out of a toilet paper roll.

After school we had a party for him with his friends. He invited 7 friends but one of them got the flu that day so couldn't come. Birthday parties are something that I honestly dread doing. I don't like doing the invitations, especially delivering them, thinking of what to do, cleaning the house. In the end it is worth it I guess. Briggs had a blast. And with boy parties it's not as bad. If you run out of things to do there's always wrestling (which they did and only two boys got hurt..) and jumping on the trampoline.

Here's my awesome smartie cake. This is the first year that he hasn't had a cool cake like dirt biking or monster truck and so I was hoping that he wouldn't notice, and luckily he didn't say anything.

So my mom saw this fun idea at a reunion this summer. You make marsh mellow guns out of pvc pipe. Then you stick a marsh mellow in the top, blow and out it comes. So I had Steve cut everything the right size and we put together these guns and decorated them for the party. It was a little chaotic since I was by myself but it was alright. They loved decorating them and spent more time doing that then I thought they would which I was glad for. And you need to notice the bags that they all have. My amazing Mom whipped those up for me on a minutes notice and had them delivered within a few hours. They were perfect for the boys to keep their ammo in and the boys loved them. Here they all are ready for the war!!

I made a few targets out of milk jugs and made a bulls eye target for them to practice on. But before long a full on marsh mellow war erupted.

And by the end it looked like I had a hailstorm in my back yard.

They went threw about 3 bags of marsh mellows. I really didn't care as long as they were entertained. The guns were a huge hit but there was one major downfall. A couple of the boys must of been really slobbery when they were shooting and their marsh mellow would get soggy and clogged up and guess who had to disassemble their guns and pull out the soggy marsh mellows. Ya that was me.

So this is a little out of order but Briggs got these swords from me and it was cute watching the kids fight with them. It's funny how Kash is only one but because he is a boy he knew that these were cool and loved trying to fight with them.

That is until ninga Steve came after him. He was very concerned.

I will take seven loud, hyper, slobbery marsh mellow blowing seven year olds any day over these two......

At least the kids kept the guns outside like they were supposed to. They actually know how to shoot the guns properly and it really hurt. Especially when you get hit in the face. And I am speaking from experience. You know the saying "it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye"? Well just ask Briggs about that one. He was the poor victim that almost lost an eye. And just have to add that Kash was in marsh mellow heaven. He was more than happy to eat all the marsh mellows that they were shooting all over my living room.

Since I can't do a birthday post without telling a few things about Briggs here we go....

1. Anyone that knows Briggs knows he is OBSESSED with dirtbikes. He is constantly asking Steve to take him dirtbiking. I'm not a fan of the hobby at all but Steve reassures me that it's ok. (coming from someone that shattered all the bones in his face a few years ago)

2. He also loves riding his pedal bike (which I prefer). He is always finding little jumps everywhere, whether it's the curbs, mounds in the ground, sticks, whatever, he is always doing little jumps. We have a jump that Steve made that stays in our driveway that him and his friends love.

3. He reminds me so much of Weston. He's constantly poking, bugging, wiggling, smothering, maybe a little pesty, loud, and did I mention poking. Maybe this is just a boy thing to do but since I only have Weston to compare him to, I do.

4. Briggs worries about things. The other day at champs him and some friends were playing in the hall and I went out and told them the janitor was going to come and get mad (cause he always does). Right away Briggs wanted to go in. He kept telling his friends to come in, and let's just go play on the stage. He was worried about getting in trouble. Or maybe he's just really obedient....

5. Loves playing on the play station.

6. Gets along really good with his sisters and will play all their girly games with them cause he has no choice.

7. Is almost always the last one left at the dinner table.

8. In grade one and has picked up on reading really good. Loves me reading stories to him at bedtime.

9. I hardly ever get mad at Briggs. For the most part he is such a good kid.

10. Loves riding his skateboard. He would go to the skatepark everyday if I let him. Every time we drive by he says, "mom there's no big kids at the skate park, we should go".

11. Loves to play with friends and always wants to have one over.

12. I honestly couldn't tell you his favorite food. He's kind of picky (reason he's always last at the table). I'll have to ask him. I do know that he really likes cheese pizza. And hot dogs.

13. Has a tender heart. If he does something wrong or you have to get after him he always feels so bad.

14. Can do a back flip on the trampoline.

15. The first thing he asks when he gets home from school is "can I have something sugary? I really feel like something sugary."

16. Loves playing basketball, baseball and golfing.

We all love Briggs so much. He is such a fun boy to have around. Can't believe that he is 7!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Competition time......

Steve was just a little too cocky the other day when he challenged Haylie to a headstand contest. He was so confident he would win that he told her if she won she could stay up as late as she wanted, but if she lost she had to go right to bed.
Well after over a full minute Haylie still looked like this....

And Steve was starting to get a little wobbly....

Although Steve claims that he was just getting bored, and that's why he ended up kicking Haylie over at the end, I'm pretty sure the real reason is cause he didn't want to lose to his 9 year old daughter. I think it's safe to say that Haylie has Steve's competitive personality. She was just as determined to win as he was.