Wednesday, March 30, 2011

You've got to try this

I'm not one to post recipes on my blog, mostly because I don't have that great of recipes I guess. But this is one that everyone needs to have. I used to make it all the time but I think I ate it too often and got sick of it, so I took about a year break from it. Well I made it yesterday and it's just as good as I remember it. Everyone in the family loves it, it's healthy, and easy.


5-6 cups of oatmeal

1 cup shredded coconut

1 cup raisin (I always use craisins)

1/4 cup sesame seeds

1/4 cup sunflower seeds

1/2 cup flax seeds

(I put pumpkin seeds in mine too)

1 cup sliced almonds (I cut whole almonds into chunks)

2-4 tsp cinnamon

1 cup honey

1/3 cup olive oil

Mix this all together and bake at 325 for 25 minutes, stirring every 5-10 minutes. When it's done you need to let it sit on the cookie sheet for a while. It's really good just plain or mixed with yogurt.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Some days are crazier than others

So while I was eating breakfast today I decided to take a look at my calendar and see what's going on for the week. And boy do I have a "fun" week ahead of me. Every day is packed with stuff going on. Now I know that no one is probably that interested in the glamorous life that I lead, but here is a little peek to what's in store for me tomorrow.......

7:30-Briggs has to be to choir

7:30-8:15 I will sneak to the gym and hope that girls will be ready for school when I get back.

8:15 -quick scripture study and get girls off to school

get things cleaned, kids bathed, myself showered.

9:55-Briggs class sings in festival

10:45-Micah class sings

11:10-Haylie's class

12:00-Get Skylie off to kindergarten

2:15-pick Skylie up from school and get her ready for dance

2:30-Skylie leaves for dance in HillSpring, luckily I don't have to drive!

3:15-kids home from school, we all know the madness this brings

3:30-Haylie piano

4:30-5:30 Briggs champs

4:45-Skylie home from dance

5:30-6:30-Haylie has champs

5:30-6:00-parent teacher for Skylie

6:30-8:30-Haylie play practice

7:00-Haylie has to perform at the gymnastics finale

Hopefully I can squeeze making and eating supper in somewhere. And most importantly, watching the biggest looser with Becca sometime in the evening.

Anyways, that's my day! Glad they aren't all like this.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Well I really need to get blogging again, even if it is just so that no one has to see that "Haylie is 11" ever again. There's lots I need and should blog about, but for my own entertainment I'll just write about a conversation I heard the other day. Cause those are my favorite.

Me: If you could be any dinosaur which one would you choose?
Skylie: Ummm, a tyrannosaurus. What would you want to be Summer?
Summer: Umm, I think a dragon.
Me: Why would you choose a dragon?
Summer: Cause I could blow fire.
Skylie: But then you would kill people.
Summer: No, I would only kill bees. And robbers.

I don't know why but Summer is always so concerned about robbers lately. She is always asking questions about them. Do robbers run fast? Are robbers girls or boys? Do robbers live here? Why are you locking our door? Is it to keep the robbers out? What do robbers look like?

Another conversation that happened a while ago when Skylie and I were putting the nativity away.

Skylie was putting away the donkey and says to me, "Mom, I know how to say donkey in french."
(I'm thinking what in the world is she going to say and where did she hear it.)
Me: Oh, how do you say it?
Skylie: Donk.