Tuesday, July 14, 2009


So here's my conversation today with Skylie when we drove by the temple.

Skylie: Mom, there's the temple!!!! (we see it every day and she still acts like it's the most exciting thing she's ever seen)

Me: Yup, there it is. It's so pretty isn't it. (same thing I always say)

Skylie: It is so pretty.

Me: When are you going to go to the temple?

Skylie: Umm, when I'm dead.

Me: Are you sure that's when?

Skylie: Yup.

Me: When you get married you get to go in the temple. So Skylie when do you get to go to the temple?

Skylie: Umm, when I'm dead.

Me: How are you going to get in when you are dead?

Skylie: Umm, someone will just have to carry me.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

1st of July and more......

So I've had these pictures downloaded forever but just haven't had the time to write about them. Anyways here it goes. Pictures from the big 1st of July celebrations in Hill Spring.

Here's my Dad. Leading the way in the big 30 second parade. Well I think it was actually about 3 minutes. But once they looped around it ended up being about 6 minutes. No matter how much we make fun of this parade I secretly love it!!

Briggs and Chase road their dirt bikes this year. It was really cute. They even got a 3rd place ribbon to share between the 2 of them. Some how Briggs ended up with it....

Here is a group of the second generation cousins. I love more than anything being with my cousins and it's so fun to watch our kids have fun together and get to know each other.

Just a random picture of my sweet little Micah at the parade.

And one of Haylie.

This is what Summer looked like half way through the day. You can only imagine how dirty she was at the end. Not sure why I even thought of putting white tights on her.

Here's my bestest friend Lani. We've been friends literally our whole lives. She lives in Vegas now so I don't get to see her too often, but when I do it always feels like the old times and like time has never past. She hasn't been in H.S. for the 1st forever so it was fun seeing her.
So after the parade there is always a program at the school which I didn't get a picture of. I'm not sure why I didn't get a picture of the star performer, my mom. I must of been to busy laughing at her. She recited a poem. And put a lot of feeling into it. I think I liked watching my Dad's face more than anything and just wondered what he was thinking the whole time. I love my mom!! After the program we headed down to the park for some beef and beans and lots of other great food.

Every year the family has the annual root beer contest. Every year it seems to get a little more intense than the last. I love watching everyone get ready for it.

And here are the champions. Jeff and Kelsey. Beginners luck I guess. Jeff could not be prouder.

After lunch comes the races. It's fun, but there always seems to be tears shed by someone. Here goes Skylie!

Here's Skylie and I in the 3-legged race. It might look like were the only one's in the race but that's probably because everyone else is already done the race. We were dead last by a long ways.
After the park we headed up to the church for another little contest. The slide show-off/talent show. Then later everyone headed to the farm for fireworks.

This is the very reason I love the 1st of July so much. All the cousins. Every year they all come up and stay for a few days and it is a non-stop party. Here's a picture of some of us, there's a few missing. I honestly love my cousins so much! We have so much fun together.

Here's the boys before the roman candle war. Their acting pretty tough in this picture but I'm sure there a little scared for what's to come.

My Dad is also a little scared for what's to come too.

So this is what they do for fun. Shoot roman candles at my Dad while he cruises around the field on the quad. I am always so worried every time they do this that one of them will hit the gas tank and the quad will explode. My Dad assured me that that won't happen. Maybe next year I won't be so nervous.

My Mom and Kash watching the war.

To kill time before the amazing fireworks Jay put on for us, we had a little family dance. Fun times.

We had lots of fun through the whole week with all the cousins and family. These pictures are a little out of order but oh well. The first day all the cousins got here we headed down to the river to have a wiener roast. It was fun cause everyone was just getting here so we were all able to be together at the river and visit and catch up with each other. Didn't get to many pictures of this day for some reason. Here's a couple of the kids playing in the mud.

It was my Grandparents anniversary that day so we headed up to the H.S. hill and picked flowers for my Grandma. It was such a nice day and it is such a pretty view of the mountains up there.

Some of the other things we did I didn't get pictures of were tubing, which I haven't done forever cause I always have the excuse of being pregnant. It was really fun. We made some trips to Glenwood where all the cousins were staying and hung out at the lodge. Made lots of ice cream stops. Had lots of good laughs. This time of year is for sure one of my favorites and something that I look forward to all year. I know I've said it before but I just love all my cousins and love hanging out with them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Down, One to Go.....

Does this title sound familiar? About a month ago I used this title on my post talking about Summer. You know the one where I was proud/relieved/happy as ever that she potty trained herself. Well she was doing really good. No accidents. I think I might of bragging a little about her. Then I wrote about how she still had a soother and was completely attached to it. Well we've had a little change in events in the last few weeks. Summer is no longer potty trained, but her soother is gone.

Steve one day just took all her soothers, didn't tell me where any of them were, and said she couldn't have them anymore. She was a little grumpy the first couple days, and every once in a while she'll ask for it, but it's gone. And she is fine.

As for the potty training. No idea what's going on there. I know it's normal for kids to have a bad day or two after their trained but I can count on one hand how many times she's gone in the potty in the last few days. It's so annoying. I know it's the summertime, we are really busy, haven't been home tons, but honestly.....