Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dance recital

This year Skylie took dance lessons out in HillSpring. Sarra and I took turns driving out every Tuesday and it was well worth it. She had so much fun and the teachers were so good. For the last month of lessons they performed at all the old folks homes in the area. I thought that this was a really fun idea because they got to wear their costumes so many times and got to perform their dances way more. Skylie's favorite part was of course getting make-up on.

Here's a few pictures from the recitle and other performances.

These were my favorite costumes. So cute. I stole these from Sarra's blog. (thanks!!)

Skylie and Jane are such good little friends. They had so much fun together.

I love how pretty much every kid is doing something different in this picture!


shannon said...

ummm when did skylie turn into a teenager? she looks soo grown up!!

Charmaine said...

The little kids were my favorite to watch. Especially the one that kept telling everyone where they should be. I think it was Chelsie's kid.

Anonymous said...

i seriously love this! i reallllly want to see them dance next year!