Monday, September 6, 2010

1st of July.....

Okay so I'm two months behind. But at least I'm getting to my summer pictures finally. I feel like I can't post about anything until I get these posts done first. So here we go. The first of July. One of the funnest weeks of the summer. We always look forward to family getting together and all the cousins coming up (minus a few this year which we were sad about!!) This year we started things off with the first annual H.S. triathlon. It was honestly so fun. I can't say that our team won, but we accomplished our goal of not losing either. It was probably the most talked about event of the week, and when we weren't talking about it we were thinking about it, or dreaming about it in my case. Leslie did us proud with her swimming skills, I thought I was going to die as the biker, and Shannon finished it off with the running. Again it was really fun!! Here we are before the big race began!!

So these pictures are a little out of order, but another thing they added to the festivities this year was a rodeo. They had a pig chase, a chicken chase, and sheep riding for the kids. Here is Skylie trying out riding a sheep, which by the way I can't believe she actually tried in the first place.

Even after me warning her numerous times that she would get bucked off I don't think she was fully prepared.....Here she is after.

I have no idea where this picture came from or how to get rid of it.

Well the rest of the day went as normal. A great pancake breakfast to start off the day which was delicious, the parade which was actually really good this year and even seemed a little longer than normal. Haylie was really excited to get to ride Scotty in the parade with my Dad. And of course Briggs and Chase rode their bikes. Then the program and the famous beef and beans followed by the races. Here's some pictures from the day..

Leslie ended up winning the brew off this year and Brette was determined that her's was better. So here they are having their own secret brew off. (nerds)

Here's most of the cousins that were there this year. Fun times!!!!

Love my sisters!!!!!

Love this picture with my grandparents!!

The rest of the week was a none stop party also. There was family softball games where the Gibbs beat the Gibbs, H.S. 100th ward celebration, family dance, fireworks, lots of food, lots of ice cream and of course lots of laughs.


Leslie said...

oh i am glad you posted this late - now i will be dreaming of next years triathlon tonight. it really was fun - as usual!

Anonymous said...

im having major first of july excitement!
first of all the triathlon. im excited about it all over again. and i'll be calling you tomorrow so we can go over every detail again...
second- briggs may have been right about chases hair.
thirs- even tho i now that pic of the cousins is staged, i wish that i was there, cuz it really does look like a lot of fun!
im making a paper chain tomorrow, counting down the days for next first of july!

bgibb said...

i agree with les, i'm glad you posted so late so now we can remember it all over again! and shan, if you want to talk about it, phone me and we'll discuss AGAIN every detail of the triathlon.

Charmaine said...

I was there for you so you didn't have to come in last. I will be there next year also:)